Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day Six-Post Fontan

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who responded in some way to my cry for help yesterday. It meant so much to me that you were all there.  Sam bombed out for the remainder of the afternoon and I was able to relax beside him and watch him slumber peacefully, listening to the music that knows how to soothe my soul. Even after the terribly painful ordeal he still pulled together enough strength to do more physio in the afternoon. Don and I both had a great sleep last night, Don at hospital and I at Ronald McDonald House.

This morning was full of joy and excitement.  Easter Sunday celebrated with big smile reminding each other that Jesus is alive and of course loads of chocolate Easter eggs, with deliveries from the 'Easter Bunny', the hospital, Ronald McDonald House and all of our visitors. Truly I have never seen so much chocolate.  After our disaster with the melted easter eggs, we were blessed tenfold in comparison.

This morning Sam joined us in the Family Room at the hospital so we could have a family breakfast and it felt so good to do something 'normal' as a family.  After returning to bed, we had visits from Uncle Gavin and Aunty Ney and Granny and Grandad.  Later in the day Ian and Vi Deed also dropped in to say hi.  In the playroom we were surprised by receiving the first of a plethora of mail for Sam and Jack and spent a time of great excitement, opening gifts and reading cards.

At lunch time, Sam needed more blood tests and as the other cannula also failed, we had to go the treatment room for bloods.  A time of great anxiety and stress for Sam.  He was given Midaz to calm him, even though he remained aware of all that was going on, it does work to decrease his panic.  A new cannula was put in and blood was taken at the same time.  While he was sedated they also removed his other failed cannula.  He then slept solidly for the next two hours.

His bowel is still painful at times but I have been very vigilant with making sure that pain relief is up to scratch before it gets out of control.

Sam's drains have slowed today and he is getting more of his spunky little personality back.  He is being weaned off of oxygen and is down to .2 of a litre. It is much simpler for him to walk now as he is only on oral medication and is free of his monitoring wires.

We were going to be moved onto the general ward this afternoon, and we were all excited and packed up ready to go when we found out that the bed was needed for someone else. So we will stay where we are for now.

Jack has gone back to the Sunshine Coast for a few days to spend it time with Granny and Grandad. Can I just say that if you have sent a card of parcel for Jack or Sam, it did me so much good to see them so excited and full of smiles this morning.  The beautiful pictures and words will adorn our hospital room and remind us that we have so many friends with us.

In the last few days over Easter after all of the terrible pain has been through.  Easter and what Jesus did has never been more clear to me. 

On Friday when Sam was going through excruciating pain, I was reminded of what Jesus went through on the cross and how his mother would have felt.

On Saturday, with the pain, came overwhelming grief and sadness and what Sam was enduring and it all caught up just how tired we all were.

On Sunday, the day that Jesus rose again, we were met with unexplainable peace, joy and excitement.

And through it all we know He walks with us. 

He is there when the nasty procedures are taking place and our hearts are breaking.

He is there when we don't think we can do another hour.

He is there when we laugh and smile in the midst of the long hospital days.

Happy Easter friends. Our love to you all. xx

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! Loved the pic of the boys together!

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