Monday, March 4, 2013

Two More Weeks

This time in two weeks will see Sam admitted to the Mater hospital for his diagnostic cardiac catheter.  During that time he may also need a stent in his PA (pulmonary artery).  From there his results will be reviewed to make sure he is a candidate for the Fontan surgery that he needs.  Lot's to do, think about and pray about before then.

Yesterday at church we prayed for another couple who are leaving our church to move town.  After we did, Sam asked our Pastor if they could pray for him too.  So everyone did.  They put their hands on his head and on his shoulders and prayed for him.  All the while he beamed and smiled at them giggling every now and then for good measure.  He is just so full of joy our little boy. 

I just want to wrap him up in my arms and keep him like that forever. But I know I can't and so I just have to trust that God knows what He's doing, no matter how much I want to tell him otherwise.

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