Friday, August 31, 2012

Sunshine Coast Stopover

Today is our last day at the Sunshine Coast.  Today Don will gave completed his multi engine flying endorsement, and we have our last day of sea air for quite some time. He was a little disappointed that he could not be checked out to fly the Baron here as they were unable to acquire the aircraft for our time here.  This means that although Don will have his multi engine license he will be unable to fly the Barons straight away out in Longreach.  He will have to wait until we can do it either out in Longreach (if we can get an instructor to come and visit) or at a different time and place.  We will just have to leave that up to God like everything else. We have really made the most of this time with family and have made many new memories to treasure and take with us.  The weather has been phenomenal and we have managed to squeeze every last drop out of each day.  We have been to the beach a few times, many parks, shopping and Don and I have even managed to escape a few times for time together.  It has been a really special time. 

Tomorrow morning we drive further north to Biloela to spend a few nights with family.  Another day on the road and another day closer to our new home.  Monday is the day we will be driving out to Longreach.  Thank you for joining us on our journey and thank you for your prayers.  Don and I are still tired, but are relaxed and feeling more ready to face this next chapter. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

QLD Bound

We are officially Queenslanders again and are really enjoying unwinding at the Sunshine Coast for a few days before we set off again to head further north to Bundaberg.  The photos below tell the story of our journey.

Packing the container

It looks messy but is surprisingly methodical. We left at 9.00am Friday morning.

Breakfast in Grafton on Saturday morning.

The trip from Jeeralang Junction to Buderim was surprisingly smooth.  Both the boys and Bear our dog were incredibly well behaved.  Our 23 hours of driving was done in 27, making sure we had plenty of rest stops along the way.  We slept for a few hours in Gosford, and made many other stops for refreshments etc.  A nice hot shower, the comfort of a good bed and the loving arms of family made the drive more than worthwhile.  We also saw some beautiful county along the way.

Canola Fields in North Victoria

The scenery around Gundagai in NSW.

A double rainbow to light our way.
We have been enjoying spending time with family and even went to the beach this morning.  The weather is nothing short of glorious.  My body is rejoicing in the warmth and Sam's fingers are finally warm again.

Time for snacks
 Having fun and clowning around.

 Glorious Currimundi beach.

Still sweethearts after all of these years.
Don begins his twin engine endorsement on Wednesday and then we will head to Bundaberg by the end of the week.  Our belongings are now safe and well stored in Longreach, ready for our arrival, thanks to a super effort from the people who helped us move.  They will remain unnamed but they know who they are.  We ask God to pour out his blessing on you.  For you are the answer to our prayer.  We could not have moved without you. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More than History

Warning:  This article discusses the bible and knowing God.  If that freaks you out and you can't handle it, stop reading now.

The bible is more than just a  book of historical fact (it has never been proven false).  It is a book, so woven together that it speaks of our past, our present and our future.  Through it God gives us the truth about:

how we came to be
what we are doing (our purpose), and;
what will happen to us.

Through His truths He sets us free.  For before we know God our minds and hearts are plagued with the three questions above.  Until we discover that knowing God answers all of our questions, there is always a sense of doubt in the unknown.  And I mean why rush right?  "It's not that I'm old and don't have long to go? I don't really need to think about death yet, I'm in the prime of my life.  Lovin' life, livin' it up."

For some reason people tend to believe that when you know God life is boring, that you cease to laugh, get all serious and can't do anything that is remotely enjoyable.  The opposite is true in fact, there are changes that happen in your life, yes but they are all good. 

I am now secure in how I came to be-that I was designed and made lovingly by God.
I now know that I have a purpose and meaning here in he lives of others and I know there are plans for me. 
I know that when I do die, it is not the end for me.  So I can live life fully charged, knowing whatever I face I am not alone, that there is a plan for me and that the end is a good one. 

Did you know there is no other faith in the world that ensures you will live on?  That you will get to see your loved ones again?  I'm just putting it out there.  Did you know God will never give up on you, until the day you die?   He will be forever sending people into your life and opportunities for you to see Him through the haze in life.  He gives us all a choice, and will never force us to love Him.

I don't know why I was meant to share this today.  It's a message that I woke with on my heart.  You can take it and ponder or you can toss it aside.  Remember it's your choice, He made you that way.


Nicole xx

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Learning to Run

I love that God and I have this thing called a relationship.  I love that He gave me free will and the ability to choose.  I love that he chooses to love me despite all of my failings.  He is giving me a new idea of what it means to relate to Him in living this thing called life here on earth.

You know the account in the bible when Jonathan and and his armor bearer defeat the army on the steep incline?  You can read it here.  Our move to Longreach has been very much like that battle.  We felt moved to apply for the job in Longreach and we prayed if God wanted Don to have it, He would have it quickly.  It took two days. Then we began to wait to find someone to rent out home here in Victoria and we just didn't feel at peace.  So we asked God, "Do you want us to go now?"  No answer.  Through His word God began to show us that we need to have more faith.  So we decided to throw it all on the line and just go.  If he wanted us to go her would make it happen.  If it didn't we would stay. 

By risking it all, God took our small measure of faith and ran with it.  And we have come to this rather new revelation that God wants us to relate with Him in this way.  Sometimes we need to wait for explicit direction and other times we need to act in faith and then look to Him for confirmation.  Just as God honoured Jonathan's faith, so too will He honour ours.

Doesn't that just blow your mind?  That God in all of His majesty would listen to our ideas, and our desires, because He loves us.  Not only that but just like a proud Dad, He waits for us to stretch our spiritual legs of faith and take those first wobbly steps, encouraging us all the way. "C'mon, you can do it.  Wooohooo!  Look at my little girl go.  Did you see her everyone, did you see how she trusted me to let go and walk?"

"Yeah, watch me walk Daddy.  I can't wait for you to teach me to run!"

Friday, August 17, 2012

His Time Is Always Right

It always amazes me at how everything comes together in the eleventh hour, when it comes to God's timing.  It's like He likes to keep you in suspense and then go " Tada!  See I told you I had it covered."

When we made the decision to go to Longreach without having all of the answers, we believed that it was what God wanted and took the first steps.  Ever since we have seen him at work.  Taking that first step can sometimes be a bit daunting.  No matter how many times you do it.

We have a home to move into in Longreach.  It is a beautiful home and I am excited about living there.  It has many bedrooms, and is quite new.  It is air conditioned and even has a dishwasher. That's something to get excited about right?  That means we have plenty of room for visitors, if you're up to a short drive (hee hee).

(The inside view of our new home in Longreach.)

In the last two days two applications have been submitted to take over our current lease in Victoria.  Four days ago the real estate agent told us that she had many houses on her books at the moment and everything was a bit slow.  We trusted God, and told Him so as well as others. The next day two inspections were organised and two applications made.  He never fails to astound me with His faithfulness.

Today was a day of mixed emotions.  Jack and Sam both had their last days at kinder and school.  And it was also the day of our friend Christine's funeral.  Though we could not be there, it still rested heavy on us today, as we thought about her family.

Don is sick with a head cold and is due to speak at the Men's breakfast at church tomorrow morning.  He would appreciate your prayers.

All going well we hope to leave Victoria on either Thursday or Friday of next week.  And by Sunday we hope to officially be Queenslanders again. 

While we are at the Sunshine Coast (Mon 27th-Fri 31st) Don will be completing the twin engine endorsement and the boys and I hope to take a break and relax a little.

Of course we would love to catch up with our friends along the way, even though the time will be limited. So please give us a call, and if you need our number, email and we will send it to you. (See email link on sidebar).

We are enjoying the last days of the views here.  The wind seems a little less colder now and the sun seems to be shining more frequently.  Soon we look forward to hugging our family and making some more memories.

(Sam helping Mum vacuum.)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dress Up Time

We had the honour of attending David and Carolynne's engagement party last night and had so much fun dressing up for the renaissance event.  I just wanted to share some photos with our family and friends.

It was good to celebrate at the end of such a tough week, though it was difficult to muster up the enthusiasm when I know others are going through such heartache.

Now back to packing.  We have just over a week to go until we move to Longreach. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hard Week

This week has been trying on many around us and I have to admit it has taken it's toll on our family as well. This week we lost a dear friend, Christine, very suddenly and it has shocked us all.  Christine was daughter of God, a loving wife and a mother to four beautiful girls, all in primary school.  I still can't believe she is gone, and I think it will take some time for the fact to become a reality in my mind. It has shaken Don and I, once again, as we realise how finite our time here on earth is and how all of our minutes count.  It is not the first time we have had to face this kind of loss but is does not make it an easier and my heart breaks for her family.

We also know  another little girl who is battling tough at the moment with HLHS.  Her family is in Denmark and I would really appreciate it if you could pray for Hannah.  I really want her Mum and Dad to be able to take her home.  They need a miracle of epic proportions and I know God is in to that, so please ask.

In between the turmoil, I have all but given up on packing, most of it is done anyhow.  Our house here does not yet have a replacement tenant, and there is a severe shortage of housing in Longreach.  And so we are here at the 11th hour, waiting, hoping and praying for a place to live.  We leave Victoria in less than two weeks and it would greatly please my heart if I knew we had a home to go to, especially with two little boys and a dog to think about.  Everything else seems to be coming along smoothly with the move. 

So many times this week I catch myself staring off into space, going to bed early, drinking way too much tea and searching God's word for hope in all ways.  He has never let me down yet.  I don't pretend to think that He will this time.  In fact I choose to believe that He has only his best in store for us, that no only will He provide what we need but that He may delight us by giving us the desires of our heart.

And in the meanwhile I picture Christine standing with Jesus, hand in hand as they wander the heavens together, where there is no more sadness or sickness or pain.  See you again one day beautiful lady.  I know I will, because we have family in high places.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Timeline and Update

This post is one for those who want to know all of the details. (Feel free to ignore otherwise).

We have decided to move now rather than later.  As soon as we made the choice and took the step of faith, everything started to fall into place.   So we are busy packing and readying to move out by the 25th August. 

Jack and Sam's last day at school and kinder will be Friday the 17th August.

Don speaks at the Men's Breakfast at church on Sat 18th August.

Don finishes up at GippsAero on Tuesday 21st August.

We will be moving out sometime in the week leading up to the 25th.

This time we will be driving up the coast and stopping at Buderim on the way.  Don will be doing his multi engine endorsement at Caloundra, so that he is all schooled up to fly the Baron aircraft out at Longreach.  We will be at the at the Sunshine Coast from approx 29th August to 1st Sept. We are also trying to fit in a check up at the Mater Hospital for Sam in that time. We are waiting to hear back from the hospital in regard to that.  Sam's care will be transferred back to Dr Alex Gooi, who we love, and he is very excited about seeing Sam again also.

We will then head up to Bundaberg for a few nights (Maybe 1st and 2nd Sept).

Then up to Biloela to stay overnight with family, before driving straight out to Longreach.

We hope to move in out at Longreach on September 5th.  However there is one small detail that needs to be sorted, and that is that we are yet to find a home.  Pray about that with us please.  We are looking to rent a house.

We have been tremendously blessed with people offering to help us move and help us pack, even stay at their home if we need to.  We will be travelling in the Prado (which now has new tyres, new radiator and rear shockies), and will have out two little boys and Bear the dog to keep us all entertained/insane.

I have spoken to Jack's school out at Longreach and all seems to be well for him to recommence Prep.  They even have a Spring Dance, the social event of the season, the week after we arrive.  All going well Jack will head back to school on the 10th September.  Don will also begin work on this day, if possible.

I look at timeline and shake my head in disbelief that it will actually work.  God increase my faith.  And if it doesn't, then plans were meant to be flexible weren't they?  Thanks for praying for us. xx

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Videos from the Snow

Snow is Awesome!


Warning:  Photo overload!

We had such a delightful time today at Mount St Gwinear.  We stopped at Erica and hired a toboggan and then set off for the half hour trip to the snow.  As we drove we prayed not only that we would see snow, but that it might snow while we were there.  The reports had not been promising but we were trusting that this was a good time for us.  We were not disappointed.

And what do you know, the snow came falling down!  Little flakes of delicate white ice confection.  Thank you God.  You should have heard us.  We were so excited, I tell you it was just like Christmas.

We spent about 2 hours on the mountain, tobogganing, throwing snowballs, eating snow, a small hike through the bush,  and making snow angels.  So now, when we are sweltering away in 45C Summer heat in Longreach, we can look back these photos and remember the beauty, the cold and the fun of it all.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Little Update

I have adored living in our lofty mountain home.  The misty mornings and spectacular views still never fail to draw me in.  I am so thankful we have had a season here to regroup and recharge.  This morning the fog settled into the valley and looked like marshmallow it was so thick.  Now it's time to move on and let someone else live here, let them live life from a different perspective.  We have had a time of great reflection here.  There is something about a great height, that makes you realise that you can think outside the box.  When you live down in the valley, everything is busy around you.  When you are up on the mountain, things seem clearer and less frantic in some ways.

Still we are waiting for someone to re lease our current home. We are all well and are steadily packing.  We are trying to save the last of our wood for special occasions, as we cannot afford to buy anymore and don't really want to order more if we are going to be moving.  The little electric heater is sure getting a workout downstairs.  All of the unnecessary items are packed up and ready to go.  It doesn't really take long to pack, it's the cleaning that is the big job.

Sam is continuing Kinder on a Friday and loves it.  Jack has started swimming this week.  yes, that's right in the dead of winter.  He is in an indoor heated pool, but still, brrrrrrrrrrrr. Don is plodding along at work and has advised them that we will be moving sometime soon, but is yet to give notice.  So now we just wait and have fun in the meantime.  My life with Sam at home is never dull anyway.

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