Friday, August 31, 2012

Sunshine Coast Stopover

Today is our last day at the Sunshine Coast.  Today Don will gave completed his multi engine flying endorsement, and we have our last day of sea air for quite some time. He was a little disappointed that he could not be checked out to fly the Baron here as they were unable to acquire the aircraft for our time here.  This means that although Don will have his multi engine license he will be unable to fly the Barons straight away out in Longreach.  He will have to wait until we can do it either out in Longreach (if we can get an instructor to come and visit) or at a different time and place.  We will just have to leave that up to God like everything else. We have really made the most of this time with family and have made many new memories to treasure and take with us.  The weather has been phenomenal and we have managed to squeeze every last drop out of each day.  We have been to the beach a few times, many parks, shopping and Don and I have even managed to escape a few times for time together.  It has been a really special time. 

Tomorrow morning we drive further north to Biloela to spend a few nights with family.  Another day on the road and another day closer to our new home.  Monday is the day we will be driving out to Longreach.  Thank you for joining us on our journey and thank you for your prayers.  Don and I are still tired, but are relaxed and feeling more ready to face this next chapter. 

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