Friday, November 4, 2011

Sam's Heart Review - We need your prayers

We approach the hospital, we see the familiar corridors, the smell comes flooding in and I suddenly detest McDonalds...

What are we doing here Lord?  Why have you brought us back to this place?

We attend the clinic for Sam's Heart check...inwardly we cringe but keep bright and cheery, keeping Sam excited to meet his new doctor.

 I feel sick but I smile, because I have just seen the faces of so many parents who are broken and weary, wafting in and out of the Heart ward with the 'hospital look' that says, 'I am existing, but I am a shell.'

As we sit and wait in the waiting room, a teenage girl sits across from us, cannula still in her arm, she has tears sliding down her face and hangs her head low, she is broken.  Can anyone see her?

Where are you Lord?  She needs you?  

We go and Sam has his ECG and Echo. He is so brave and climbs up onto the bed by himself, he even helps remove the stickers.  I encourage him to lay still so they can take a good reading.

I'm holding on to you Lord.

We wait for another half an hour to see his new doctor.  We greet and Sam is happy to meet 'Dr Foormer' (Dr Andreas Pflaumer).  He tells us that Sam is doing fine, that all is well. Then, that the leak in his tricuspid valve has increased and that if it has not changed over the next 6 months then intervention may be needed.  That they want to start talking about the Catheter and the Fontan, because we are talking about going North in the next few years. Through the doctors eyes this makes sense, I can see his reasoning.  But I am not a doctor, and I am not reasonable about anything that means that my son must endure more pain.

What!  Where are you Jesus?  Is this your idea of a miracle?  Do I have to see him endure more pain?  Do We have to endure more pain?  I know you can take all of this way by just a word from your lips.  So where are your words?  Surely this is not your plan for us. 

We walk back to the car in silence, buying coffee from nasty McDonalds to get home.

As we drive home, the ache in my throat intensifies...

I can't do this anymore, I am weary from the fight God, not just weary, I have had enough.  I don't want to hold onto the hem of your garment anymore, it hurts too much.  You know I don't have the strength to endure this again. My spirit is crushed by the thoughts engulfing me, and cannot be made right by human hands.

I see a picture of a hand coming out of the heavens dangling a white hankie, the miracle we need, and me jumping like crazy to reach it, but it is just out of reach. I think I jumped most of the way home in the car.  The ache moved from my throat to my heart, as I look at Sam asleep in his car seat, worn out from the big morning. 

I am sorry Lord, I can't do this anymore.  I am meant to go on TV tomorrow and talk about the God of miracles, and I am not feeling that right now.  I am feeling angry, and like I am about to suffocate.

When we arrive home I slept for two hours.  I had nothing left.

When I awake and as I write He speaks:

Remain in me, you have tasted of my goodness and you know I will no let you go.  Remember the new promise that I have given you.  Claim it today and watch the new day come.  You may broken now, but it will not last for ever:

Restore our fortunes. Lord
as the streams flow in the desert.
Those who plant in tears
will harvest with shouts of joy.
They weep as they go to plant their seed,
But they sing as they return with the harvest.
(Psalm 126:4-6)

So this is where we are, right now at 4pm in the afternoon.  Pray that God can heal my ache, so that I may go and tell the world how great He is.  For He is above all things, even when I don't FEEL like it.

As I write this I have a voice whispering to me that 'the result was favourable, that I have no right to complain, and that there are many others out there that are far worse off than what we are'.  I would like to say that each of us is on our own journey, and despite the fact that we are all in different places, does not diminish the fact that the battle is any less real, or hurtful or significant.  God bless you for praying for us when we really need it.


Lynda said...

Dear Nicole,
I wish I could take this from you. I wish I could carry it for you. All I can do is assure you of my prayers, and remind you that God is not a man that He should lie... He will walk you THROUGH the storm, right out to the other side, and Nicole, everywhere you go, even in your brokeness the sweet fragrance of Christ is powerfully strong, and He is leading you in victory. He loves you. He loves Sam. He loves you all deeply.
Lots of love,
Lynda Hammond

Marg said...

Oh Nicole,
I feel your pain and understand it, not in the same situation, but I understand it totally.
Remember He said He will never put us through anything that we can't endure with Him. It's so very hard to understand why - and it's so hard to see the other side of the mountain (I'm still looking, stretching, trying to see over it) - but He says that there is going to be a breakthrough and God doesn't lie so we just have to trust HIM! (It's hard I know - so very hard some days more than others).
I feel like my faith is nothing compared to yours and like I don't even have a right to comment or try to encourage you. But I pray that my words do just the same!
xoxo Margaret G.

lisa said...

Praying for you all, Nicole. Our God "is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think...." Eph. 3:20
Love and prayers,

Jo Wanmer said...

Dear Nicole,
God always keeps His word, but never the way we expect! He seems to delight in using every circumstance to strengthen us so we stand and do what we knew we couldn't possibly do yesterday.
Hang on to your promises. Declare them over and over.
When we came out of our tunnel of pain (and yes God did fulfil His word)I was thankful for the work God had done in my life. Then I asked Him, 'Why did my daughter have to suffer, so you could change me?' His answer was simple. 'I bring good out of evil in everyone's life. Continue to trust me.'
God will give you the words to speak tomorrow. Rest in Him. His strength is mighty when we are weak.
Within you are the seeds of greatness.God is watering them and bringing them to life. He has a mighty plan for your life and for Sam. Blessings Jo W

Nicole Watson said...

Hi Lynda,

Thank you for your care and love. Oh to live in the sweet fragrance of Christ! There is no other place to be, even when it means you must be crushed to release the scent. xx

Nicole Watson said...

Marg, thank you for your love and encouragement. Thank you for supporting us and praying for us. You must know that we pray for you too, and for the things that lie deep in your heart, your needs and desires. Hugs to you. xx

Nicole Watson said...

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for your prayers and care, they mean so much to us. I love that verse. I do expect big things from God, it's just that sometimes I seem to like to tell Him what I would like when. Laying my children's health at the feet of Jesus is daily exercise for me. Moving past your feelings, is sometimes so hard as a Mum. I am still learning, praise God for his patience with me.

Nicole Watson said...

Thank you Jo, what wonderful strong words of encouragement. They were like running water for my soul when I first read them. Thank you for loving Jesus and for speaking his truth. xx

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