Saturday, October 29, 2011

Something Amazing to Share

Last weekend I had a dream.  One that I have not shared on the blog, as I was waiting on God to reveal the truth behind it.  I would like to share it with you now, if you will spend a moment with me.

I was walking down to the beach, holding hands with Jesus.  It was on dusk, and the sky was a myriad of colour.  The breeze was warm and the sea was calm.  We sat near the waters edge, next to one another, our legs curled up onto our chests, looking out to the vast ocean.  Occasionally I would glance over at Him and admire his features, and how his hair blew in the breeze, and then I would look away quickly.  He would do the same, as we delighted in each others company.  It was like we were on a first date, and enjoying just being together.  It was such a  special time.  When our gaze met finally, he smiled (oh that smile can light up a thousand worlds), and motioned with his eyes and hand, to look down at our feet on the sand.  The waves had been lapping at the sand exposing large pebbles by our feet. The pebbles were brilliant and golden, still partially embedded in the sand.  As I picked up a pebble, it's highly polished surface reflected the face of a woman getting out of her car.  The picture was not still but moved like in a film.  I was watching someones life.  I looked back at him amazed,  he threw back his head, and laughed and asked me to pick up another.  As I looked down, and then along the beach I noticed that these were hundreds of these stones that had been exposed all along the sand.  As I looked at the ones at my feet, I saw more faces, a women in her kitchen in a robe, and a man asleep on his bed.  I looked to Jesus and  he answered my questions without opening his mouth, 'You must go and talk to all of these people.' He knew my mind and we seemed to be able to communicate without speech.  I felt such peace at his command, but was very curious as to how this would eventuate. When I awoke, I thought to myself 'How could I possibly reach that many people?' God spoke and told me to 'Wait and see.' 

I share this with you not to exalt myself, but to exalt God that can do anything. We serve such a creative and limitless God.

Well this time I did not have to wait for long, for God's plan to unfold.

God has opened an exciting door in the last few days.  I was contacted by Wesley Mission to appear on their television program called 'Wesley Impact!', to share by interview our story with Sam and God.  The program is prerecorded and will go to air on Mother's Day in 2012.  How amazing is God!  This is how I will speak to many people.

Next Saturday I will fly to Sydney to the Foxtel Studios to record the interview.  Wesley Mission is even paying for my flights.  I will get to share our God story and encourage others, and I give all glory to God for the honour.

I ask for your prayers, that God would give me the words to speak. Just as he promised the apostles that they need not worry about what they will say, but that  Holy Spirit will give them the words.  Please pray that the recording will go well and that the travel to and from Sydney will be blessed.  And most of all pray that hearts will be touched, and lives transformed by God's workings in our own lives.

When I think of his delight in surprising me, and the curiousness of his request, I sit in wonder.  When I think of all of the faces I saw,  and how he loves each one of them, it overwhelms me.  When I think that he has chosen me for such a task is unends me.  I am nothing, He is everything and that is enough for me.

PS.  Sam's heart review at the Children's Hospital is the day before I leave to record this interview.  God's timing is perfect for all things.  


Paula Vince said...

Wow, to have such an incredible dream followed by an invitation like that - well, that's just awesome. I'm rejoicing with you.

Debbie @ Aspiring Mum said...

How exciting, amazing, wonderful...! What an awesome God! Praying for you on this journey.

iluvthoseshoes Project said...

That is fabulous Nicole! May the Holy Spirit touch many through the journey you are on.

Nicole Watson said...

Thanks for rejoicing with me Paula. I get to see you soon too :)

Nicole Watson said...

Hi Debbie, thank for you for your prayers. Our God is tremendous, and so inventive!

Nicole Watson said...

Hi Charissa,

Hallelujah, I am looking forward to watching God work in hearts as we walk the path he has called us. He is just so amazing :) Better get out the advice from Indulge as to how to dress huh? <3

mamamia said...

I am so happy for you! What a wonderful vision and what a fantastic offer!
I will pray that God will speak through you and that you will touch many lives.
Our God is an awesome God, that's for sure!

Nicole Watson said...

Thank you so much mamamia. I am very excited about the opportunity and the fact that with God there is always more..he never runs out of anything and always has more planned than we can expect or imagine.

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