Monday, October 3, 2011

The Simple Truth

This morning Jack and I had a conversation like this:

(Jack just finished drinking his milo and wipes his mouth up his sleeve.)

Jack, don't wipe your mouth on your sleeve.  I can't take you to town looking like that.

Ohhh I keep forgetting (annoyed with himself)

Go to the bathroom and wash your face and hands, ok?

Yeah, ok.

(He goes and comes back.)

I'm sorry Mum, I just keep making mistakes.

No darlin, I am just trying to teach you how to look after yourself properly.

(and here it is...)

Yeah OK Mum, but your not very good at that.  Jesus teaches me that.

(silence..a smile)

I think you are right Jack. 

Jack hugging a barrel of Jack fruit.

The simple truth learned through the mouth of my son, is that Jesus is his real teacher, just as He is mine.  I am so glad that Jesus speaks to the hearts of my children.


GranPa said...

Hi Nicole,
Go Jack - conversations with you are always interesing!
Sam's birthday photos are great. To go to the zoo 3 years on - WOW. Very serious birthday cake cutting there Sam - as always things are done carefully and just right.
Thanks for sharing.
Love you heaps
Pa and Gran

Nicole Watson said...

Thanks Gran and Pa, and yes chatting with Jack is always an experience. He certainly keeps me on my toes, that's for sure. We love you!

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