Sunday, October 23, 2011

Riches Untold

I am abundantly overflowing with treasures.  This weekend I had the delight of spending time with God's girls at a retreat, a place where we just gather to be with God.  It is a rare treat for me.  I let alone have times alone in the shower, never mind a whole day.  It was a day that I just got to 'be' with my Jesus.  In the time we stole away together I have returned with a bounty of heavenly treasures, that I did no know existed until I received them.  I spent time enjoying the presence of my Lord, and my heart soared when he expressed His love for me.  It was a time of great intimacy with God, and also a time of great encouragement and uplifting for the women of God.

The last few months have been very busy for me, I have not lingered in the arms of Jesus, in the way that I desire. God knows.  He knows that I was longing for more time with Him, and this weekend He swept me off of my feet.

I would encourage you to find time, to seek Him out.   To let Him confirm and fill your heart to overflowing with his unending and abundant treasures.

One of the royal treasures He gave me, was to remind me of who I am in His Kingdom.  I say this here not to boast about myself, but to boast about what He had done for me.  Seek Jesus and ask him to reveal who you are to Him.  (I must point out that many of us shared our Kingdom identities over the weekend and not one of them was the same.)  We have a remarkably creative and wonderful God.

My name is Nicole Watson. I am a beautiful and vibrant light in the darkness, welcoming in the spirit, drawing others to God.  I am a solid fortress, a rock, with strong foundations, established in the Word of God.  I am calm in spirit and abounding in faith, teaching and ministering to others, bringing honour to His name. I am His precious one.

As we all shared our true selves, it was as if we were finally seeing each other for who we truly are, it was breathtaking, inspiring, and we gave all glory to God. 

Would you dare to seek Him, and share with me your royal indentity?  I would be pleased to meet you.

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