Monday, July 18, 2011

M Day

Moving to a new state
Much to do before we head off on Saturday
Marvellous news today that our house sale is now unconditional
Many exciting adventures planned along the way
Maybe even the Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo
Most of the packing is done and dusted
Mopping and cleaning are not my favourite jobs (so what's new!)
Mightily blessed by our church family supporting us every step of the way
Making sure our little boys are excited about the move
More and more the blessings come with our new home being Yarra Glen
Monday 1st August is the day Don begins at the Australian Centre for Mission Aviation.
My oh my..I'm running out of 'm' words....

This will be my last post for about a week as we travel on down to Victoria.  Please pray for safe travel and for all of our goods to arrive safely.  I will leave you with a couple of happy snaps. May God bless you all for your care and prayers.
 Sam has been so healthy this Winter, glory to God!  (The gun in the background is a toy)
Yesterday the boys were marching around the house pretending they were in a band.  So unbearably noisy.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sam's Heart Review

Sam had a heart review at the Mater hospital in Brisbane today.  He was such a good little fella and took everything in his stride, making the nurses coo and tell us how cute he is.  He is 95cm tall now and weighs 11.7kg.  He had excellent blood pressure for the first time ever, because he wasn't upset.  The nurse taking it was awesome.  She told him she was measuring how big his muscles are.  Every other nurse has always told him that is was for blood pressure and he freaks out as he only hears 'blood' and thinks they are taking some.
His oxygen saturations were 88!  I know, it was too cool.  Dr Gooi believes it is because his heart function is really great and his Pulmonary Artery branches are such a good size.  He was very thorough with the echo and was really impressed with Sam's development and heart.  So way to go God and way to go Sam!

Dr Gooi is now referring Sam to a new cardiologist at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.  However we won't need to go and see them for another 6 months.  Dr Gooi is invaluable and we will miss his care.  He diagnosed Sam's condition in utero and provided us with the most hope of any of the doctors we saw leading up to that.  When we head back up to sunny QLD, you an bet that we will be requesting him. 

And no, Sam's heart is not new, but it is functioning the best we have ever seen. There is much hope in God's promises. 

Jack also had an appointment this week, his first trip to the dentist.  He had no plaque or scale and only one small area of decay in his back molar, which they filled on the spot.  I thought that was pretty good for five years old. We were so proud of him sitting up in the chair and being brave.  Top work Jack!
Sam waiting for Jack in the dental van...patient little boy.  For once he gets to be the onlooker.
And for those who asked, here is a photo that I took of Jack's attempts to make me feel like a princess.  Read more about it here.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Book Club Sharing

Last Wednesday I had the honour of sharing at a Christian Book Club at a local cafe.  It was such an amazing event.  God really blessed me by being able to interact in an intimate environment with the group members and hear how the book has impacted them, allowing them to share their own God stories. I am looking forward to many more opportunities such as these as God provides them.  The following is part of the email newsletter that the group has just sent:
Now, about our get-together last Wed. evening - It was such a blessed time for us all as beautiful Nicole shared with us about her life, Don, Jack and of course little Sam and "Sam's Heart".  How her faith and trust in God inspired us.  Thank you so much Nicole.  We hope you keep in touch with us so we will know of your prayer requests and also because we would like to be part of the next stage of your family's incredible journey with our precious Father.  I feel in my heart that He has great, great plans ahead for you, Don and your precious sons.  Your book I have no doubt, will bless all who read it. ~Carolyn

I share this with you not to brag about my opportunities, but to brag about God who does all things according to His purposes, for his glory.  I love being the hands and feet of God wherever I am.  
If you have read Sam's Heart and it has impacted your life in some way, I would love to hear from you.  You can email me here.  If you would really like to help me in encouraging others to read it, you could bless me by leaving a comment/review on the Koorong or Word Bookstore websites.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Relocation and Royalty

All is going according to God's plan.  As it is with God's timing, I watch as every little step falls into place.  We have found a home in Yarra Glen, Victoria, close to where Don will finish his flight training.  Don's medical for flying is in the midst of being processed and issued.  The car has been serviced and has two new tyres, ready for our long drive. There is a story with this car, it was a gift from God, and I will share that story another time.  The sale of of our home is progressing despite the enemy's many attempts to throw a spanner in the works, we are still packing in faith.  We have had wonderful friends in our church, rally around us and help us out with the move, offering to look after the boys, giving us financial support and giving us accommodation for our final nights in Pittsworth.  It reminds me of those final scenes in the Indiana Jones movie-The Last Crusade, when they have to walk the stepping stones in the right way to make it across the trap.  If we view the stepping stones using the right vision-God vision, then we will know the path and the steps are ordered clearly one after another.  Each step has it's place in the order and if you try and step outside of that you risk danger. However if we walk on the steps in the correct order, only blessing can come.  God is giving us wisdom, please continue to pray for us in that area.

We also had a delightful Saturday afternoon with some of the MAF family in Fernvale over the weekend.  There were representatives there from Cairns, Arnhem Land, Gold Coast and all over.  We caught up with old friends made new ones, prayed together, ate great food and encouraged on and other in the paths God has us on.

In the midst of of all of this the boys are coping quite well.  They have moments when they grow a little sentimental, due to saying good bye to very good friends.  But we know we will all see each other again.

During all of these happenings, God is doing something special with Jack's heart.  Over the last few days God has been telling Jack, that he needs to treat his Mum like a princess.  For the last week he has been telling me how pretty I am, every 5 minute, just in case I forget.  (By the way, I'm sure I look adorable when I rise out of bed with pillow wrinkles, messy hair and morning breath-LOL)  Then last night he began bringing me presents first my necklace wrapped up in paper and half a ton of sticky tape, then my eyebrow brush wrapped in the same fashion.  Finally a paper crown that he had made with the help of his Dad.   I saw Jesus in his eyes when he gave them to me.  It was more than my little boy appreciating his mummy (and that would be good enough for me).  God spoke to my heart and showed me that this is what he was seeing as we went about our busy day to day appointments and routines.  This is what he saw when I wake up in the morning, when I am sick, when I am hurting, when I am happy.  His view of us does not change.  We are his bride, no matter what we look like here on earth, we are covered by his blood, washed whiter than snow and we radiate because we are filled with his light. He sees past the blemishes and personality hang ups and sees us for who we truly are-men and women after his own heart.  It does my soul good to know that God loves me like this.  I hope you know it too.  We must love each other lavishly, just as Jack did, so that the world will see God in us.

Finally. please join us in prayer for Sam's cardiology review on Thursday at 9am. Pray that God will glorify His name.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What Faith Can Do

This song is singing in my heart right now.  It's like God is encapsulating all we have been through and where we are going, with this song.  It shouts what I want to share to anyone who will listen and believe in Jesus.  If you have read Sam's Heart, you will know where I am coming from.  Enjoy.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The New Season Approaches

It is a strange and delightful week.  What could be a time of chaos and busyness has been transformed into a quiet time of work and reflection.  As we pack in faith, preparing to move to Melbourne on the 23rd July, all is quiet in the Watson house.  The two little boys are visiting Gran, and with Don at work, I have been left with Jesus to pack, clean and prepare.  It is wonderful to have time to just listen to his every word.  I feel my spirit welling up inside like a spring of water, on the brink of overflow. 
There is work to do yes, but it pales in comparison to the other events of this week.
I have had the joy of spending time with friends before we leave,  wonderful times of deep conversation and encouragement.  I have been blessed with gifts, a new pram for Sam and some beautiful flowers from my husband.  I had been asking God to find me a new pram for Sam,a three wheeler, one that I can do much walking with.  Sam walks very slowly and quickly tires, so to get anywhere at any speed this was a need for us.  A friend of mine found one this week.  I would have been happy with a secondhand dusty  rusty oldy from somebody's shed.  My friend bought me a new one, with all of the bells and whistles!  I was so excited when I saw it.  God gives GOOD gifts.
As God has been pruning us in readiness for the new season, we too have been 'pruning' our possessions, keeping only what we need and what is dear to out hearts.   It is a liberating process that takes time and has happened in waves.  Everything we are taking with us will fit in a small 20ft shipping container.  And we won't even fill this entirely.
I have the joy of being able to share our story of Sam's Heart with a book club in Toowoomba this week.   I am looking forward to sharing our story with more people.

On the 14th of July we are having an unscheduled final appointment with Sam's Cardiologist in Brisbane, to do the final referral to Melbourne.  They will scan Sam's heart on that day.  I have told God I am expecting big things, a change, a sign of hope for his healing.  It has been promised and confirmed many times now, it was to begin soon.  I am believing and living like it has already happened.  God is teaching me now that the promise has gone from my head to my heart, it must now be lived out in my day to day actions.  When I give Sam his medications, I tell him he won't need them much longer.  When we pray together we thank God for Sam's restored heart.  There is no longer any room for doubt in my heart.  The enemy plagues my head with words of doubt and discouragement at times, but I will not entertain them in my mind.  He is quickly cut down with the Word and songs of praise. We are fighting a battle and it is one God will not lose.  We are fighting for the life of my son, and I will not back down for I know who goes before me and who is my rear guard.  He is my strength and my salvation, my rock and redeemer.  His name is Jesus, I will not be afraid. 

Will you join with me in praying, believing and receiving for the miracle you need in your life?

Then Jesus told them, “I tell you the truth, if you have faith and don’t doubt, you can do things like this and much more. You can even say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen. You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it.” (Matt 21:21-22)


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