Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sam's Heart Review

Sam had a heart review at the Mater hospital in Brisbane today.  He was such a good little fella and took everything in his stride, making the nurses coo and tell us how cute he is.  He is 95cm tall now and weighs 11.7kg.  He had excellent blood pressure for the first time ever, because he wasn't upset.  The nurse taking it was awesome.  She told him she was measuring how big his muscles are.  Every other nurse has always told him that is was for blood pressure and he freaks out as he only hears 'blood' and thinks they are taking some.
His oxygen saturations were 88!  I know, it was too cool.  Dr Gooi believes it is because his heart function is really great and his Pulmonary Artery branches are such a good size.  He was very thorough with the echo and was really impressed with Sam's development and heart.  So way to go God and way to go Sam!

Dr Gooi is now referring Sam to a new cardiologist at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.  However we won't need to go and see them for another 6 months.  Dr Gooi is invaluable and we will miss his care.  He diagnosed Sam's condition in utero and provided us with the most hope of any of the doctors we saw leading up to that.  When we head back up to sunny QLD, you an bet that we will be requesting him. 

And no, Sam's heart is not new, but it is functioning the best we have ever seen. There is much hope in God's promises. 

Jack also had an appointment this week, his first trip to the dentist.  He had no plaque or scale and only one small area of decay in his back molar, which they filled on the spot.  I thought that was pretty good for five years old. We were so proud of him sitting up in the chair and being brave.  Top work Jack!
Sam waiting for Jack in the dental van...patient little boy.  For once he gets to be the onlooker.
And for those who asked, here is a photo that I took of Jack's attempts to make me feel like a princess.  Read more about it here.


Debbie said...

Praise God for such wonderful news for Sam! (And I'm sure he was proud to show the nurse his big muscles too!)

Paula Vince said...

It's wonderful to read such a positive report. Good on God and Sam!

Nicole Watson said...

Thanks Debbie for celebrating this with us. Yes, I think all little boys think they have big muscles. xx

Nicole Watson said...

Thanks Paula. Yeeha! xx

lisa said...

Praise the Lord for great dr.'s report!
Wonderful news!!


Nicole Watson said...

Bless you Lisa. Thank you for your care :)

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