Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh! To Be Like A Little Child

I know I have said it before, but I learn so much from my children.  God has impressed upon my heart to share a few of his lessons, learned through my boys.

It began a few months ago.  Jack and I were talking about Heaven while he tried to go to sleep. It is a bit of a routine with us, that goes kind of like this:

I lay down with Jack

Jack whispers, "Let's talk about Heaven hey?"

Ok darling, let's talk about Heaven

"What sort of animals will be in Heaven Mum?"

And so we go on to talk about all of the different creatures that will be in Heaven and how he will be able to pat them and ride them.  We talk about the river that runs through the city from God's throne and how you can't drown in it and it's never too cold.  We talk about how everything in Heaven will worship God, even the flowers and the grass.  We talk about how there will be no sickness and you will never get tired. 

I love these times.  After our most recent talks Jack gets frustrated that Jesus hasn't returned for us yet.  He prays for him to come quickly.  He told me he wants to go now.

In light of this I will now tell you about another event. 

We were at a busy shopping centre carpark.  Jack wanted to show me how brave he was and so he crossed the road by himself without waiting for me.  Thankfully there were no cars and he was safe.  When I reached the other side, this was our conversation:

'Jack, don't you ever do that again.  That is really dangerous.  You must always wait for me.  Do you understand.'

'But I was brave Mum.  Did you see me?'

'It was not about being brave.  You could have been run over by a car and got really hurt, even die.'

'Oh Mum.  That's ok, then I would be in heaven and Jesus would send you a new Jack.'

(Gobsmacked by a 4 year old)

'But Mummy would miss you so much.  You must promise me never to do that again.'

'Aww..ok Mum.  Don't worry Jesus would look after you.'

How can you be angry with that?  I have told my son not to fear death.  He knows where he is going is better than where we are now.  God has confirmed it in his heart.  He knows it is true. 

I want my faith to be this black and white.  I am no longer content with half believing God's word. I want to believe it all, and God is teaching my by  his Holy Spirit to no longer doubt.    More and more God is impressing upon me the importance of our unwavering faith.  God cannot move in our lives if we continue to doubt his promises.  Will you be bold enough to trust him and believe no matter what it costs you?  Our family's journey is not an easy one, but I wouldn't change any part of it.  For it is through our trials that we have learned God is the only steadfast thing we know.  All else may fall apart around us, but he remains unchanging, his love never wavers.  It is the reason I love and live each day.


Carlie said...

God Bless that little boy. And God bless you Nicole, for raising little boys that will one day be men who do great things for the Almighty God!!

Kelly said...

Ah yes. The faith of a child. Such a beautiful thing. I've had the same question: Can I die now so I can be with Jesus? I said the same...mummy would miss you so much...and also: God wants us to live life, and live it for Him, give Him Glory and do jobs here on earth. Only he can call us home. Amen. Faith like a child.

Nicole Watson said...

Amen Carlie! We have such an amazing job in bringing up our kids. It is a time I really treasure, as I'm sure you do too. It is my prayer that all of our children grow up with a fire in their hearts for Jesus, one that never burns dim. Bless you and love you.

Nicole Watson said...

I'm so glad to hear that you have had similar experinces Kel. It really does leave you speechless for a minute doesn't it? May God bless you and your wonderful family as you live each day for him.
Love Nicole

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