Monday, March 7, 2011

Sam's Heart (The Book) -Pray and Believe With Me

Sam's Heart is now at the printers and is due for release in 7 weeks! I am so happy that all of that work is done.  Now it's time to pray and wait on God to do the rest.  This was always his project from the very beginning.  When God asked me to write our story, I kept putting him off saying 'I'll have more time when...'  In the end he was very insistent, he wanted this story told to glorify his name.  So I am expecting big things from God.  I am praying, you'd better believe it, but I am also expecting.  I am asking boldly for God to do all that he promised me he would do.   I wonder if you will pray and believe with me:

I believe he is going to touch people's hearts.

I believe that he is going to speak hope into other people's lives.

I believe that he will do what is needed to get this story into people's hands.

I believe that he is going save little lives, through a message of hope.

I believe that he is going to heal hearts and broken lives.

I believe that he will not put me to shame but that people will buy and read the book according to his purposes.

I believe he will bless my publisher for her faith in this project and her obedience to his voice.

I believe he will bless whoever reads our story with a special message just for them.


I believe that through my obedience and by his grace that Sam will be healed and receive his new heart.

Are you bold enough to pray and believe with me?

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