Friday, March 18, 2011

The School Day Struggles

Home school is not easy.  I had an inkling to begin with, and now it is confirmed.  In fact there are days when it is very challenging.  This last week there was one day, when Jack would just stare off into space, and getting an answer from him was next to impossible.  He was tired just like all other Prep kids this time of the term.  Then there is Sam who is great most of the time.  He joins in when he wants to and then just plays while he waits.  There are some exceptions however, days when he wants my attention, and screams until he gets it.  It is usually the day when I am desperately in need of sleep because Jack or Sam were awake in the night wanting drinks and whatever else they can come up with.
Thankfully the good days far outweigh the bad.  All of the school work gets done and we have much fun and games in the process.  We do a myriad of things that you wouldn't do at school like make balsa wood aeroplanes, gardening, regular cooking and this week we even did meals on wheels for our local area.    And if we need to, we have a rest and know it will all get done some other time.  Jack now has an outbox and an inbox, so once he gets through his tasks for the day, our time is our own. 
I don't want to say it too soon, but I think we may be starting to relax and actually enjoy this home school experience.


Be A Fun Mum said...

Love hearing how you are going with school. I can imagine it being hard being both Mum and teacher. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole,
I hear you loud and clear. I am trying to be obedient and follow Gods direction. I am not sure the boys are always on the same page!! Sooooo many distractions, for me that is. I have to be disciplined to stick with the program. I read some great advice in a home school mums account of her experiences, she said we must trust that God will fill in the gaps! I hang on to this and know he is with me every day and knows and loves my boys even more. Some days I just want to scream though, I can't have a break in the staff room! Look forward to the principle coming home. Love Kel

Anonymous said...

Hi, i am Carolyn. I was drawn to your blog throgh Sam's Heart, which is being posted all over the place! I am a heart mum too, as well as a high school teacher. I was wondering what the reasons are for home schooling, itnwiuld be certainly a tough job. Are you isolated? Do you have access to school of the air? I am on FB under the name Carolyn Compton and have a star trek avatar.

bTW good luck with your book

Nicole Watson said...

Hi Kel,
I didn't see you comment all of that time ago. Thanks for your encouragment. Yes God always provides a way. I must admit it probably a little more laid back than what the older grades would be. I also look forward to the principal coming home, but just so I can hug him :)

Love Nicole x

Nicole Watson said...

Hello Carolyn,

Thanks for visiting the blog :) Home school for us was more of God led decision than my own. God has called Our family to serve with Mission Aviation Fellowship, which invloves moving and selling our home and relocating frequently. So in the end home schooling is a great option for us. You can read more about it in the first post on this blog called "The Calling", it is on the right sidebar under 'Featured Posts'. I am a qualified teacher which also helps. I used to teach school of the air in Charters Towers but we have not chosen that method with Jack. We use Groves Christian College as our base. Most days we love it, but every one has challenging days. It so great to meet you. I will look you up on FB :).

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