Saturday, March 12, 2011

Whispers To My Heart - I'm With Him

The time has now come when you can ask Father God for anything in my name.  I don't have to ask him for you, because he absolutely adores you and listens to your every word.  He loves you because you love me.  He loves you because of who you know, not what you do.
(Spoken to Nicole from John 16:26-27)

Don't you just love this passage?  We can ask God for anything and step into his holy presence anytime, because we know and are saved by Jesus.  We don't have to ask Jesus to go to the Father for us for anything,  because we are already known to Father God by our relationship with his Son.  We are eternally marked by grace, mercy, love and power because we are the children of God.  We are let into the throne room every time, not by the things that we do to try and please God, but because we have street cred with his son.  It doesn't matter what you wear, where you live, where you work or what you achieve.  If you are saved by Jesus, he can't love you anymore than he does right now.  His love is unconditional.  It doesn't wane because he already knows what you were going to do in the future anyway.  His love cannot grow any stronger because it is already perfect.  What an absolute privilege to have this kind of relationship with my Creator and Lover of my soul.
And if you don't know Jesus.  He waits for you to call on him.  He watches you lovingly and tries to get you attention in many different ways.  You know what I am talking about.  He can't wait to take you to meet his Father.  They miss you very much.
Do you know how much he loves you?

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