Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You Are Welcome, But Jesus Can Wait At The Gate

Today I write in heart response to the High Court's decision about the school chaplaincy program. Read here.

These are my thoughts and they are my opinions.

My heart aches as I watch Australia follow the rest of the world into moral decline.  What many view as compassion and 'freedom', will lead to no more than a social disease eating up the people from within.  Our current debates on defiling marriage, keeping God out of schools and the killing of babies in the womb, all stem from the want of everyone to have 'freedom'.  However we have quickly forgotten that freedom without rule is chaos in it's truest form.

I know many chaplains in schools.  I know the terrible family situations that they deal with, the school bullying, the lack of love and care shown for our most fragile children.  I have never heard a school speak badly of their chaplain.  As a mum with my children attending a public school, it was of great comfort to me to have someone that my son could go to with spiritual and social problems while he was away from his family for 6 hours a day.  Teachers are stretched thin for time at school, they do not have the time to listen and care for our children in the way that a chaplain can.

In the same way RE is being removed from schools.  I am thankful that I was able to hear about God at school.  I did not grow up in a home that knew God or used his name, unless they just hit their thumb with a hammer.

I have read many of the comments in relation to God being removed from our schools.  I have heard arguments about secular funding and public schools.  I have heard arguments about conversion and poisoning children's minds with religious trash.  The problem with that argument is this...

Following Jesus is not a religion.  It is as far from religion as you can get.  In fact Jesus hates religion.

Jesus cannot be kept in four walls as the world would have us believe.  You see He lives in each of us, even my kids.  So when they go to school, God goes with them.  He does not abandon them at the gate and tell them to have a fun day.  He is with them in all they do. And it is getting harder for our children to live a life of faith.  But in the harder times I can tell you they shine more brightly than the sun in full strength.  So although our love for others, honesty and encouraging ways are being banished from our public schools, in favour of 'freedom', Jesus will always be in our schools, because our kids are there. 

As much as Australia continues to try to separate God from every facet of life, they will not succeed.  For many of our teachers, students, leaders and politicians know God, and nothing can separate them from His love.

So as we fight to save what is left of our moral fabric in Australia, do not lose faith.  For although the laws may change, the light of God will continue to shine through the people who love Him.

Now is not the time to hide, now is the time to rise and shine!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pyjama Day

The climate of Victoria, is certainly a vast change to us and still we continue to battle with the cold. The kind of cold that seeps through to your marrow and stays chilled until the hot shower washes it away.  Jeans and jumpers are not enough most days and since we have moved interstate I have had to learn the art of dressing all over again.  Layers are key.  Today was pyjama day at Sam's Kinder.  He went along to Kinder all rugged up wearing a t-shirt, a full tracksuit and then his pyjamas over the top.  he was so snuggly and I couldn't resist sharing some photos with you.

And when he came home...

helping Daddy get the wood for the fire.

Now, maybe if I stayed in my pyjamas all day I would  be warm as certainly is tempting.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pity Is Not For Me

I very rarely mention Sam's heart condition when we meet new groups of people.  I enjoy getting to know new friends without feeling like we are somehow pitied for Sam's condition.  Most people do not recognise Sam's state of health unless I mention it or is having and unusually blue day. 

I do not feel sorry for our family.  In fact I would call our lives exceptional, full of love and lived with fervour.  I tell my children at least three times a day that they are loved and hear it reciprocated from their lips.  It is true that Sam and our family suffer in some ways, but we are not alone and are not to be pitied.  We see all manner of sadness and heart ache in families around us, and I count our family as blessed not cursed by the circumstances we find ourselves in.  You see we have learned humility, patience, and peace when there should be chaos, and all of these things have made us who we are.  We love each other lavishly with little regard to who might be watching and make time to do little things that mean a lot.  We know that each of our day's is a treasure not to be held lightly.  We have learned that God is more real than the food we eat and that his promises are the only anchor in both calm seas and the most ferocious of storms.

So you see pity is not for me, and when I see it reflected in the faces of others I do not blame them.  It is simply a reaction to an awkward moment.  However when we part company, I want them to know that I am not a woman to be pitied but rather a woman passionate about my family, my God and making the most of each day I am given.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Finding Our Feet

So the auction has come and gone.  The house has not sold but strangely enough our peace has arrived.  The landlord who owns the house did not come to the auction but his parent did.  They have told us that we will be fine here for our lease and that if no one else buys the home, they will and sell it at a later date.  They seem like honourable people, so we are now praying they will keep their word and trusting in God to see it through.  We had given it all back to God and now he has taken it, and given us His peace and time to watch what he has for us unfold.

Yesterday we had an amazing day with our church family at Morwell Community Church.  At night I was able to share with them a part of our journey with God, specifically about Sam and our life now.  It was wonderful to have the opportunity again to encourage and uplift others.  I had forgotten how much I love it and it has inspired me to continue to write my next book.

For the past few months Don and I feel like we have been stumbling through the fog that often surrounds our lofty mountain home.  Just when we thought it was clearing another mist would arise and seem to block our vision.  And it seems that now we have stopped striving to see, things are clearer and we are now not anxious about the future.  Our live's journeys with writing, MAF, and Sam and our family have all been placed back where they belong at the foot of the cross.  And now we wait and keep our hearts fixed upon Jesus waiting for his call to step one way or another.  Finally we are home where we belong, resting in Him, whatever that means.

Have lovely weekend everyone.  Thank you for praying with us.  And remember...

God’s way is perfect.
All the Lord’s promises prove true.
He is a shield for all who look to him for protection. (Psalm 18:30)

Thursday, June 7, 2012


I know I don't use the word very often, but I truly hate and detest Congenital Heart Disease.  I hate that disease has gripped our family, and that we live in a fallen world, so far removed from what God first intended for us. 

I had to take Sam for a blood test today.  It is his first one in over 18 months.  And oh how I have enjoyed that 18 months.  We have enjoyed them immensely steering clear of all manner of poking and prodding. You see Sam does not much remember what it is like to have a blood test.  I do all of his blood monitoring at home with Coagucheck, which only requires a finger prick.  His INR has been incredibly stable and so there has been no need for other tests. 

So today he trusted me when I told him that he needed to go and have a blood test.  That it would hurt for a little while and then it would be gone, yet ...he was not truly prepared for the sting and proceeded to pull his arm back from the needle.  So then I had to restrain him.  Sit him on my lap and wrap my arms and legs around him and physically hold him while they the nurse took the blood.  And he screamed, his face, neck and legs turning all manner of crimson, tears pouring from his eyes, while Jack reminded him to be brave and how they were going to the shop to buy a bow and arrow.  The screaming stopped, but not the crying afterward and his aching little arms now bear the bruises that should never have to be.  As we left he told the nurse that he forgave her for hurting him and then he snuggled into my shoulder.  I had to carry him around from car to shop, from car to shop because it hurts to even lift his arms. 

So today both boys have a bow and arrow. Sam because he endures things no three year old should have to, and Jack because he is the best big brother I know.  Sam can not use his yet and probably won't for a few days until his arms heal. 

I hate CHD because it not only breaks my Sam's heart, it also breaks mine.

How can I ask Sam to endure any more surgery?  How can I hand him over to endure more pain?  Yes, I hate CHD. And so we hold firm to the only One who I know it strong enough to complelety obliterate it.  Jesus needs to be our strength because in essence my heart is more broken that Sam's.

Monday, June 4, 2012

That TV Spot

Just in case you were interested, this is the interview with Wesley Impact which went to air in most Australian states on Mother's Day.  See if you can spot my BIG blooper.  In spite of that, I hope someone heard it that needed to.  I was incredibly ill that day and still made it to Sydney to record. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Where will we live?

I have rather enjoyed my break from the blog and from other computer pursuits such as Facebook.   The break was well timed, with some news that was at first unsettling, family illness, much reflection, rest and a novel a day to boot.

The news is such-the home in which we are settled this past two months is a rental property that is for sale.  We knew this when we signed out twelve month lease and were happy that the next twelve months were ours here.  Two weeks ago we found out that the house is going to auction on the 9th of June....and if it does not sell promptly then the landlord may find the house repossessed by the bank.  Unfortunately the bank would then have the power to terminate our lease and sell the home vacant. This came as quite a shock to us, and after a week of much worry and anxiety we are now at peace and believing in God for mercy.  Moving house is exhausting and not a inexpensive exercise, and we do love where we now live. 

So consider us in your prayers in the next months as God leads you. 

Both Jack and Sam have been unwell with a nasty cough and are now well on their way to being mended.  I too have been unwell for an entirely different reason but getting better.  God did not allow the illness to linger long. 

Don is finding his work more fulfilling now and getting more involved with the team at GippsAero.  He is also now signed off to do the engine test runs, which makes him happy.

I have been asked to submit to a book which is being published, on the power of prayer.  I am hoping I can find my writing fingers again over the next few week as they seem to have taken leave.  I am sure it will all come back.

The weather has turned cold here and the last few mornings we have been surrounded by a sea of fog settled on the valley below.  It is quite unreal, like stepping out into the heavenlies. The daffodils are also in bloom scenting the air with their sweetness.

My Kindle has been getting a workout after finding Marcia Lynn McClure's books on Amazon.  That woman seriously takes romance novels to a whole new level.

I have also heard from three families just recently who are expecting little ones who are to have heart conditions.  They are in my constant thoughts and prayers.  I still long for a world where CHD stands for Completely Healthy Darling instead of Congenital Heart Disease.

I know there is a purpose for us here in this place and already we are making new friends.  There is just so much uncertainty ahead, and we need a break.  God knows the condition of my heart, he knows my hearts desires and what is to come.  I can only hope and pray that we accept with grace whatever is laid before us in the months to come.
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