Saturday, June 2, 2012

Where will we live?

I have rather enjoyed my break from the blog and from other computer pursuits such as Facebook.   The break was well timed, with some news that was at first unsettling, family illness, much reflection, rest and a novel a day to boot.

The news is such-the home in which we are settled this past two months is a rental property that is for sale.  We knew this when we signed out twelve month lease and were happy that the next twelve months were ours here.  Two weeks ago we found out that the house is going to auction on the 9th of June....and if it does not sell promptly then the landlord may find the house repossessed by the bank.  Unfortunately the bank would then have the power to terminate our lease and sell the home vacant. This came as quite a shock to us, and after a week of much worry and anxiety we are now at peace and believing in God for mercy.  Moving house is exhausting and not a inexpensive exercise, and we do love where we now live. 

So consider us in your prayers in the next months as God leads you. 

Both Jack and Sam have been unwell with a nasty cough and are now well on their way to being mended.  I too have been unwell for an entirely different reason but getting better.  God did not allow the illness to linger long. 

Don is finding his work more fulfilling now and getting more involved with the team at GippsAero.  He is also now signed off to do the engine test runs, which makes him happy.

I have been asked to submit to a book which is being published, on the power of prayer.  I am hoping I can find my writing fingers again over the next few week as they seem to have taken leave.  I am sure it will all come back.

The weather has turned cold here and the last few mornings we have been surrounded by a sea of fog settled on the valley below.  It is quite unreal, like stepping out into the heavenlies. The daffodils are also in bloom scenting the air with their sweetness.

My Kindle has been getting a workout after finding Marcia Lynn McClure's books on Amazon.  That woman seriously takes romance novels to a whole new level.

I have also heard from three families just recently who are expecting little ones who are to have heart conditions.  They are in my constant thoughts and prayers.  I still long for a world where CHD stands for Completely Healthy Darling instead of Congenital Heart Disease.

I know there is a purpose for us here in this place and already we are making new friends.  There is just so much uncertainty ahead, and we need a break.  God knows the condition of my heart, he knows my hearts desires and what is to come.  I can only hope and pray that we accept with grace whatever is laid before us in the months to come.


Jo Wanmer said...

HI Nicole.So good to hear from you again. In my book I relate a time where I felt I could take no, repeat no, more. I told God that in strong terms and reminded Him that the word promises He won't give us more than we can bear.
He reminded me that the passage says there will always be a way out. I realise now that often He creates the way out by increasing our strength, rather than changing our circumstances. He does that to grow us into the people He needs us to be to fulfil His plans for our lives.
So as I pray for you, I'm confident you are in the palm of His hand and He is smiling because you are pliable clay. He loves you so much.

Paula Vince said...

I'd been thinking about you. Glad to hear from you but not about your home situation. What a shame. I guess it's the tenuous nature of renting. Now I'll have to look up Marcia Lynn McLure.

Nicole Watson said...

Thank you for your encouragement Jo. I must admit sometimes I feel more like a blob of clay than a work of art, but God is a very dilligent and careful sculpter. I trust his warm hands. I need to get my act together and order your book. I hope that it is selling well and touching hearts and lives.

Nicole Watson said...

Thank you Paula. I hope you have settled in well into your new abode. Marcia Lynn McClure writes clean Mills and Boon style novels without the raunch but with plenty of fire. Very easy to read, like watching a romantic movie.

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