Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You Are Welcome, But Jesus Can Wait At The Gate

Today I write in heart response to the High Court's decision about the school chaplaincy program. Read here.

These are my thoughts and they are my opinions.

My heart aches as I watch Australia follow the rest of the world into moral decline.  What many view as compassion and 'freedom', will lead to no more than a social disease eating up the people from within.  Our current debates on defiling marriage, keeping God out of schools and the killing of babies in the womb, all stem from the want of everyone to have 'freedom'.  However we have quickly forgotten that freedom without rule is chaos in it's truest form.

I know many chaplains in schools.  I know the terrible family situations that they deal with, the school bullying, the lack of love and care shown for our most fragile children.  I have never heard a school speak badly of their chaplain.  As a mum with my children attending a public school, it was of great comfort to me to have someone that my son could go to with spiritual and social problems while he was away from his family for 6 hours a day.  Teachers are stretched thin for time at school, they do not have the time to listen and care for our children in the way that a chaplain can.

In the same way RE is being removed from schools.  I am thankful that I was able to hear about God at school.  I did not grow up in a home that knew God or used his name, unless they just hit their thumb with a hammer.

I have read many of the comments in relation to God being removed from our schools.  I have heard arguments about secular funding and public schools.  I have heard arguments about conversion and poisoning children's minds with religious trash.  The problem with that argument is this...

Following Jesus is not a religion.  It is as far from religion as you can get.  In fact Jesus hates religion.

Jesus cannot be kept in four walls as the world would have us believe.  You see He lives in each of us, even my kids.  So when they go to school, God goes with them.  He does not abandon them at the gate and tell them to have a fun day.  He is with them in all they do. And it is getting harder for our children to live a life of faith.  But in the harder times I can tell you they shine more brightly than the sun in full strength.  So although our love for others, honesty and encouraging ways are being banished from our public schools, in favour of 'freedom', Jesus will always be in our schools, because our kids are there. 

As much as Australia continues to try to separate God from every facet of life, they will not succeed.  For many of our teachers, students, leaders and politicians know God, and nothing can separate them from His love.

So as we fight to save what is left of our moral fabric in Australia, do not lose faith.  For although the laws may change, the light of God will continue to shine through the people who love Him.

Now is not the time to hide, now is the time to rise and shine!

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