Monday, June 4, 2012

That TV Spot

Just in case you were interested, this is the interview with Wesley Impact which went to air in most Australian states on Mother's Day.  See if you can spot my BIG blooper.  In spite of that, I hope someone heard it that needed to.  I was incredibly ill that day and still made it to Sydney to record. 


Amanda Deed said...

I saw my dad like that - with the plastic over his chest, heart beating beneath. That was hard enough. Can't imagine how hard it would have been to see your son like that. Great interview. XXOO

Rose Dee said...

Well done Nicole,

I've read the book - and this was still a very moving interview for me.

I didn't see a BIG blooper - but then I'm the Queen of 'Blooperville' so never a downside noted.

Loved it. xx

Nicole Watson said...

Thank you Amanda. It would still be terribly hard seeing your Dad like that also, for a completely different reason. Dad's are always so strong aren't they? To see him in such a way must have really touched you also. Thank you for watching xx

Nicole Watson said...

Haha Rose. Thank you for your kindness :)

I am glad to hear that it was still a moving interview. And thank you for sharing it on FB. xx

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