Tuesday, January 31, 2012

That Pesky Thorn

When you write a book, there is a whole lot more to it, than seeing it published.  You see unless you speak about your book and share your story with others, no one else will ever know about it.  I must say I actually enjoy this part of being a writer.  I know many do not, but I love telling others our story, asking them theirs, and praying for them.  I get to do really cool things like appear in magazines and even on TV, for the sake of spreading the word.  Sometimes when I sit at home in my leggings and t-shirt watching Playschool with my kids, I have a nagging voice that challenges me:

Look at you now, imagine if those people that read your book could see you now.  You are nothing special. 

and do you know what, the enemy is right to a point.

I am nobody, but I am more than he can contend with because I know Jesus.  Jesus uses those who 'don't look like much', to do things for Him because He knows they are not in it for the glory.  I would rather be reminded by the enemy that I am nothing each day, than puff up with pride and fall prey to his schemes.  Maybe God even allows his pestering to keep me humble, kind of like Paul's thorn in the side.

I have learned to use what the enemy would use to tear me down, to challenge me to act instead.  When I don't feel like doing any more promotion, or contacting media, or even writing, THEN I KNOW I MUST DO IT.

And when I do, I know I have overcome his annoying overtones.  What the enemy intends to destroy, God uses for my good and His glory.

So today I have set up an author page on Facebook, so that I can share all about writing, speaking, and the like, while giving my personal Facebook friends a rest.  Come and 'like' it and share it with your friends. Click the link below:


This month our story about Sam also appears in the Signs of the Times magazine.

Our lives must shout about God, and whisper about ouselves.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bubbling New Beginnings

This week is one of new beginnings for us.

Jack begins school this week for the first time.

Don will be a commercial pilot by the end of the week, once he passes his practical exams.  He begins study at MST (Ministry training) on February 14th.

Sam and I will have time together, as we have never had before.  He will also start Kinder for  a half day next week.

And I...

and I...

and I...

it makes me wonder what I actually did before I had children.  Oh, don't worry I have plenty to do. 

I will have ample time to continue with the writing of my new book.

I look forward to visiting and spending time with more of the families we have met here,

and anything else that God asks me to do.

I am not in a hurry to fill up my spare moments, I am sure God already has plans that I don't know of as yet.  God's diary is often very different to mine-thankfully.

Last year was not an easy one for us.  Though we lived in the place of God's blessing, there was much opposition to what we were doing. There were many times that we questioned God and each other, about our calling to MAF, the work I was doing with Sam's Heart, financial decisions, and the boys schooling.  I have made a choice to leave the past behind us and now I look forward to new things, new blessing, and new things for God. 

Sometimes when you walk with God, He brings you through times of testing, times of trial, times of learning obedience.  Let me explain, this year He asked:

Will you follow me and serve with MAF?

Will you sell your home and use ALL of the money to fund it?

Will you move away from your new friends and family to do it?

Will you trust me to provide for you?

Will you trust me with Sam, knowing that I will work out all of the details?

Will you keep looking to me when the circumstance for success seem doubtful and you even fail?

Will you speak and not be silent about my faithfulness?

Will you trust me to make a way, when there seems to be now way?

Will you trust me in your weakness, to show my power and strength?

We have said yes, to all of this this past year and much more.  And sometimes it looked like we were failing.

We have learned that when it looks like you are failing on the outside, it is time to dig your heels in and press forward. 


When God pours out his blessing, do not bottle up what you have inside of you, in the fear that you may run empty.  As you receive, give it away to whoever you meet, knowing that God will sustain and fill your cup to overflowing.

Keep trusting, keep believing, keep hoping, loving and having faith.  God will do the rest.

Jesus replied, “Anyone who drinks this water will soon become thirsty again. But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.” (John 4:13-14)

Can you hear me bubbling?  You can't buy this living water, but it is yours for the taking... if you know Jesus.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Want To Run!

Do you remember when you were able to run fast, when you could feel your heart pump and your hair fly back?

I must admit is has been about 10 years since I have been able to run for any great length of time.  I am not at what you would call the peak of fitness.

However I am not here to post about fitness.
I want to run because I can.  

The only thing stopping me from running is my own lack of desire.  However lately my desire has been rekindled.

I watch Sam run for but a few steps before his heart tells him it is time to stop.  His breath comes in short sharp gasps as he reaches his threshold for endurance.  I walk to the shops with him and by the time we get from the car to the shops he is breathing heavy, and asks to be carried.  When he jumps on the trampoline, he bounces with great enthusiasm, only to tell me 30 seconds later , 'I'm puffed out'.  I watch him chase and try to keep up with the other kids, until he slows and begins to walk, meandering off to the side to find something else to do. 

But let me tell you something he does not do...

He never gives up.  He never steps trying because it seems to hard.  He strives and he tries and he smiles while he does it.

Watching him ignites a fire in my belly.

I have a healthy heart.  I have strong legs, and good joints.  I give up because my heart beats fast, and I know parts of me wobble that shouldn't.  How dare I not run, when my son cannot!  How dare I be to lazy to enjoy my blessings, when he prays with every fiber of his being he could run.

Well no longer, I tell you. 

I will not waste what I have been given.  I am going to run again, and when I do, I am going to push Sam with me, and we are going to go FAST, REALLY FAST!  And he is going to feel the breeze in his hair and his heart pound with excitement, instead of exhaustion.

We are both going to win, because I will not let his little heart and my reluctance hold us back. 

May God grant me the strength and persistence I need to see it through.

Do you want to join me?  We can encourage each other.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Jumping Hoops

Saul, seethed, anger seemed to exude from every part of his body.  The followers of Jesus seemed to be growing by the day, despite him hunting them down like dogs.  He had been dragging them before the Sanhedrin and there were few stones left unturned in Jerusalem.  Why were they so intent on following some dead prophet! 
He had now gained permission from the Sanhedrin to travel to outlying towns, to further squash the rebellion and bring the followers of Jesus to account. 
Travelling the road to Damascus, the thoughts continued to irritate his soul.  He had thought once Jesus was dead, his followers would just disperse as they always had. Instead they seemed to surge like a growing flood. 

'Well not for much longer if I have my way'.

Little did he know, his world was about to be shaken to it's core.

...so begins the story of one of God's most memorable and recorded followers, the man called Paul.

I often wonder what the early followers of Jesus would think of the church if they were able to talk to us now.  The church has become too much like the world around us.  Instead of being set apart and different to what the world around us would have us be, be have gradually and sadly become a mere shadow of what we are destined to become.

The Kingdom of God, is one of faith and power, both of which have been stripped  from the church with such seduction, that we have relished in the experience.  We are too comfortable in our safe and unchallenged version of the gospel and have put on new robes to fit better into the age in which we now find ourselves. 

Since we have begun our journey to serve God in missions, I have been constantly challenged by the many hoops that we have had to jump through in order to prove ourselves worthy of service.  It has taken vast amounts of money, numerous interviews, applications, pshcye tests, medicals upon medicals, training and testing, all to bring us to a point of asking 'What does Jesus think?'  I doubt that Paul would ever have made it through the psyche evaluation, to serve in missions today.    It saddens me to think that someone who is called by God to serve in this way, might be turned away because they do not have the funds, medical approval or worldly aptitude to be up to the task. God does not look to the outer man, but looks deep down into your heart.  He sees your faithfulness and your obedience and He is uses this for His glory. He is not as interested in what percentage you got on your latest exam and if your left eye is marginally stronger than your right, whether you are a fisherman or a tax collector.   I cannot believe that he is happy with the way the world has overcome the church, and emasculated it of it's freedom in Christ, and power through faith. It is God who transforms and prepares, not man made and man led organisations.

I wonder if the church in Australia and around the world was not so bound by it's love of the world and it's ways, would we see the Kingdom of God come on the earth?  Would we see the captives set free because they see a different way to live, the only way to live? 

I don't know where our journey with missions will end up, but I do know that God has called us to serve; this is unmistakable.  The desire burns in my spirit like hot coals aflame with fire.  Don and I both feel the urgency.  God's desire to see His church do His will, will prevail.  God always keeps His word, He is not a man that He should lie.  The scripture below has been resonating in my heart today, as my frustrations grew.  The words were like honey to my soul.

Instead, God chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And he chose things that are powerless to shame those who are powerful.(1 Corintians:27)

Please pray for us, that God would make the paths straight and that His will for us to serve him in this way will prevail.  We feel the resistance, but step forward each day in faith knowing who fights for us.

This post is not a reflection of any particular missions organisation but a general observation made over many years.  It is not written to offend, but as a reflection.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dining With The King

Mephibosheth-Exterminator of shame

In the bible Mephibosheth is the son of Jonathan, King Saul's son, Prince of Israel.  When Saul and Jonathan were killed in battle and David rose to assume the throne in Israel, it was customary to slay all of the heirs to the throne.  This meant that David had the ability to kill Jonathan's son Mephibosheth, to protect his rule. 

David and Jonathan were friends with bonds akin to brothers.  Their friendship was absolute, both loved God, and both were honourable men.  David swore to look after Jonathan's family in the event of his death, and David kept his oath, even at the protest of some of his advisors.  He accepted Mephibosheth into his family and he became one of King David's sons, eating and communing with the king.  When Mephibosheth was condemned to death by his circumstance, David saved him. I love this history because it shows the absolute grace and mercy that God has for his children. It is a foretaste of what Christ would do for us on the cross.

Does this sound familiar to you?

God made a promise many years ago now, to provide a way for everyone to be made right with him.  While we were condemned by our circumstances, weighing heavy under sin and lost, God invited us to his home.  He keeps his word, and makes a way for us to become son's and daughters of the King.  We are now able to eat at his table, and are reunited in relationship with Him.  There is no condemnation for those who know Jesus. Even though we were destined for death, God showed us mercy and grace, that is beyond our comprehension.  We won't ever understand it with our minds but we know it in our hearts.

Often when the story of Mephibosheth is spoken about, the focus in is on his disability and injury.  God has shown me that there is much more to glean from this story.  I love that Mephibosheth's name means 'the exterminator of shame'.  God took his shame, and brought him to dwell with the king, and live a life of great privilege.  He was redeemed by David.

How much greater is our redemption that we have the opportunity to be kids of the King; our God who's kingdom will never end!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

OK, So I'm Weird

Brace yourself:  The pictures in this story may freak you out!

Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else.(Galatians 6:4)

Today as we cleaned the undergrowth from the garden, the boys and I witnessed the most amazing sight. First, I was shocked by what I saw.  I have seen wasps catch spiders for their nests before.  They stun them, keeping them alive and then fly them back to their mud nests, encasing them in the mud.  When their larvae hatches, they eat the live, stunned spiders that are in their home.  I have seen this many times before, but never with a spider this large. 

My initial shock was then transformed to a sense of awe.  We looked on as the wasp that is a third of the size of the spider, dragged it's catch across the grass, as it has too heavy to fly home.  It dragged the spider, walking backwards for at least three meters.

It then moved up and across our bitumen driveway, picking up the pace, as the grass no longer encumbered it.

It then moved up the fence, clenching tightly to it's prize, scaling the six foot fence.  It is in the picture you can really see the size of the spider.

Now as I am observing this, I imagine the wasps excitement. (Yes, I know God made me weird)

Wasp: 'Woohoo! When the kids wake up they are going to be so surprised.  I can't believe I have found them something so amazing.  It is so big I can hardly carry it.  I am so tired from lugging it, but the look on their little wasp faces will be worth it.  I can't wait to see them enjoy it.

Then God began to speak to me about the wasp and how diligent it was in it's work.  It allowed me to get close enough to take photos.  It allowed nothing to distract it from it's work.  It stopped only once, to survey the change in surface between the grass and bitumen. the wasp had been given a gift and now it was not going to let it go. 

This is how we need to be with God's tasks for us.  We need to not look to the right or the left.  We are not to glance back over our shoulder and see who is looking.  We are to be thankful and we need to be diligent, carrying out the work God has given us.

May our only satisfaction come from bringing a smile to God's face and seeing a job well done.

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Chat Over A Cuppa

Don has been back at ACMA (Australian Center for Mission Aviation) now since the 9th of January.  In that time he has been working on doing Commercial Pilot License NAVs (planned trips), his Cessna 206 endorsement, and IFR training.  He is really happy with how it is all progressing.  We have been so blessed that Ian Deed, one of the flight instructors has been down helping out, as he is a very encouraging and supportive man of God.  Don is on target for achieving his Commercial Pilot's Licence before he starts at MST (Melbourne School of Theology) on February 14th (my birthday!).  He is very focused, but much more at ease than he was last semester completing the theory tests.  Praise God for that!

Last week, we all had our medicals for the application to MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship), the kids and I included.  The went extremely well and as a bonus, majority of it was bulk billed by our very sympathetic doctor.  When we rang to collect the results for the blood tests, we were asked to make and appointment with the doctor. OH OH!  Two days later was the earliest we could see her.  We prayed that all would be well, and once again I had to contend with fear.  On the morning we arrived for the appointment to find there was a miscommunication and the tests were excellent, all of them.  She just wanted to advise us that if we were heading overseas we would need injections!   We will think about injections if we are accepted to serve with MAF.

Jack heads off to begin school at Yarra Glen Primary School on the 2nd February.  He is very pleased with his uniform, shoes and lunch box. All else is provided by the school.  I am so very pleased with that.  it is so much simpler.  He is very keen to start, so that he can play with new friends and learn to read.

Sam is growing up more and more.  He sings out loud when I swing him on the swing at the park, at the top of his lungs.  His favourite song is 'This is the sound of a warrior', by Andrew Ironside.  Sam adores music, and we cannot ride in the car without the CD player going.  He makes sure of it. He also goes down the big boy slides by himself now.    He will also be attending Kinder/Kindy (depending where you live), on a Wednesday morning for 2 and half hours.  He has a new lunchbox and is very excited.

I have just started writing again today after taking a months break.  I really needed the head space and rest.  I am so pleased that I did make the effort to stop.  I feel much refreshed and like I can finish what I have started with God on this project.    Below are a photo of some of my favourite things, bits and bobs that have made my life enjoyable over the last few weeks. I love tea. My husband bought me this six place setting tea set from the local antique store for Christmas.  The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers, had me loving God and desiring to serve Him all over again.  And many happy hours of Jane Austen were enjoyed over the Christmas break also.

I wonder, what are you favourite things at the moment? 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Small Voice In the Wilderness

Sharing your story is not as easy as you might think in Australia.  Even when your book has been published and marketed by a well known publisher, reaching the hands of readers is a difficult process.  This is especially so, if your book speaks of God.

Sam's Heart is the story of our medical journey with Sam and his funky heart, but is also our spiritual journey with God along the way.  The moment I revealed God openly in our book, I sabotaged any hope of getting my book into the mainstream bookshops.   Book buyers will very rarely take on your product if you speak of God openly.  I also received many cold shoulders from those in the 'heart' community, my family, and many others who may have read it if God was not mentioned.  You see people want to be told that my strength and theirs, comes from within ourselves, that we have some sort of chamber of untold strength that only emerges in times of crisis.  They want to hear that if they just trust in themselves and rely on those around them that they will make it through.  Unfortunately they fail to see that it is God that gives them strength and if they try to rely on their own strength for too long they will fall, into exhaustion, depression and anxiety.  Relationships will be tested and tried, broken and sometimes repaired.  The same is true with God, we are all human.  The difference is that

God will not let us fall...beyond where he can reach us.

If I was to sing the praises of surgeons and doctors and their amazing skills, not giving credit to the One who gives them the skills and mind to do their job, it may make reading it more acceptable.

It is often in times of great crisis that people look outside of themselves for someone or something bigger than themselves, when they come to the realisation that they are nearing the edge.

Unfortunately the stories and books that could encourage and help others are regulated to being available in Christian bookshops and are not readily available in the shopping centre book shop.  Thankfully Amazon and other bookshops are now selling online.

The sad thing is that our Christian heritage and our trust in God has been bartered for the sake of multiculturalism, in which Christians seem to have no place.  We have removed God from our schools and communities, even Christmas has not been spared, just in case someone is offended by our faith.  Bit by bit God and those who love Him are being gagged until we will be considered a little odd, those kooky Christians that believe in a God they can't see. 

Perhaps the reason that Sam's Heart is not received well by some is that they are afraid to read a little bit of truth.  Perhaps people no longer wish to believe that miracles happen, or that hope prevails.  Perhaps they don't want to hear that God is faithful, even when everyone else gives up on you.

Perhaps it might cause the world to think outside of the box they live in...

Perhaps they might find what they were looking for...

Perhaps they may find miracles do happen after all.

Just imagine that.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Servant Heart, Servant Hands

The word servant is not very well liked in our society.  It implies that you are subservient to someone else.  The title implies you are weak and unable to know your own mind.  That you are bound to another and have no freedom. 

Being a servant of Christ is very different to the world's negative portrayal of the life.

Bound to God
We are grafted into God's own family when you know Jesus.  When we believe in Jesus we are a new creation, we are bound by the Holy Spirit and are one in Christ.  Being a servant of Christ is all about freedom.  Freedom from death, freedom of heart, freedom of mind that is found in the truth.

Called to love each other
We are called as servants of Christ to love one another,with abounding love that can only come from God himself. If we try to love in our own strength, we will soon fall flat.  Only God's love can change lives, encourage and lift others up.  We are called to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ.

but more than that...

We are called to love those who hate us, who harm us, turn their backs on us, talk about us behind our backs, and disregard us for our faith. This kind of love is impossible unless you know God.  Only God can give you this love that flies in the face of all this world teaches, and tears down the barriers that harbour hate and unforgiveness. 

Free To Love God
We are servants to God, and it delights me to shout it from the rooftops.  The relationship between God and his people that was destroyed in the Garden of Eden, is now restored in even greater measure.  We are free to love our God.

I am well aware of how others view my faith in God.  Many believe that God is a crutch that the weak need to get through life, that He is a 'fairytale' that helps me get through the hard times.   I am aware that they scoff at God and my faith in Him.  It matters not.

I am not here to change the hearts and minds of those that pass my way.  I am here to be a servant to the One who has given me life eternal and live in His ways, so that a glimmer of His light may be seen in a world that grows increasingly full of ourselves, our wants and needs.  That Christ may be seen, His desire to love unconditionally, to save, to heal, to embrace, as the only true alternative to a life of uncertainty.  For God is the only constant in the world in which we live.  All else may pass away, but His kingdom will endure forever.

Come daughter, lay your life down and do not take it up again.  Rise  and serve those around you in love.  Live in truth and blessing.  Live one day at a time, looking only to me.  I am searching the hearts of my people looking for servants hearts and hands, that will follow my leading.  When you love the unlovable all of Heaven shouts with joy.  It is in love that our victory is complete. LOVE NEVER FAILS.

 Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out.  Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. (1 Cor 13:4-7)

Where will our world. communities, and families end up if we don't show love? 

When Jesus saw the crowds, he had compassion on them...(Mt 9:36)

This post was inspired by reading  the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers, very powerful and thought provoking fiction.

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Little Story-The Boomerang

Jack has wanted a boomerang for quite a few months now.  Every time we go to the post office they have the painted ones for sale there. You know the ones that look nice, but probably are as likely return as a tree branch.  So we have kept putting it off. I know he has even prayed about it.

Yesterday we went to Healeville Sanctuary, we have done this a few times now as we have a yearly zoo pass, and get to go for free.  At the sanctuary they have a Bird show/presentation, that we have seen a few times now.  On this particular day they had a man called Murrindindi there doing a display  and talk about the local aboriginal people of the area.  It was really interesting and Don and I learned quite a bit.  They were the only tribe out of all of Australia, to use a returning boomerang, and they used it to hunt ducks.  They would throw the boomerang into a flying flock and knock a few down, then roll them in river mud and cook them in a hot fire until the mud dried hard.  Then they would split the hard casing, the feathers would stay in the mud, and they were left with a nicely cooked duck, with no guts, as the heat shrivelled it away in the fire.  Certainly beats the plucking, gutting, cleaning etc.

Anyway I digress, Murrindindi proceeded to do a boomerang throwing display,  catching the boomerang nine times in a row.  Jack was ecstatic!  I mean Murrindindi could not have had a more captive audience.  Jack would stand up and shout 'AWESOME' pumping his fist in the air every time he caught it.    Murrindindi mentioned that he would sell boomerangs that he had made after the show for $15 each.  We did not have $15 in cash and we were contemplating how we were going to tell Jack after the show.  At the end of his display Murrindindi told the crowd that he was going to do something that he never did, and he gifted the boomerang he was throwing to Jack.  It was a God moment.  I had tears in my eyes as he came over and handed it to Jack.  Jack took it and told Murrindindi 'You're awesome mate, thank you.' and then as Murrindindi left, 'Thank you Jesus' (more fist pumps in the air).  He proceeded to show every other patron of the Healesville Sanctuary.  As we left, one of the staff told us that Jack must have made an impression on Murrindindi,as he never gives away his boomerangs.

I love that God hears the desires of our heart and delights in surprising us.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Day of Celebration

As of last night, there are officially no more nappies/diapers in our house.  Can I get a hallelujah?!  My baby boy Sam,is now officially a big boy.  He is so proud of himself, and we have had a wonderful day today making him feel special.

Sam is looking more and more grown up every day.  With each milestone I thank God for his mercy.

Both of my boys are precious and I love them immensley.  There is always time for cuddles in our family, no matter where we are.

Celebrate the little things in life and give thanks.  Then, when the grand things come, you will be completely overcome by the wonder of God's goodness.

Strong in Joy

All week these words have been threading their way through he fabric of my heart. 

Don’t be dejected and sad, for the joy of the Lord is your strength!” (Neh 8:10)

Don’t be dejected and sad

You are grieving 

I love that the Hebrew is just so direct and infinitely more colourful than our own language. Grieving really sums up the condition of my heart at late. I have been wondering where my joy had gone. I felt numb and somewhat like I had failed. God has been providing many opportunities for me to speak about our love of Him and the amazing ways He has touched our lives. And yet, I felt like in the last few months, that some of my fire had waned. To understand I will share an experience with you. In recent months I recorded a television segment that will go to air on Mother' Day. On the day of recording, I was incredible ill, but still went to record the program. You can read more about that here. Just before Christmas I received the finished program in the mail, edited and ready for the air. As I watched I could see how flat I looked and how I seemed to have no joy while I spoke. I was instantly ashamed. I was ashamed that this was my chance to share with the world, the amazing God that we know, and I could not convey it. It broke my heart, but this is what I saw. Don consoled me and told me that no one would notice and that God would use it mightily. But in my heart I was grieved, like I have somehow let God down.

Two nights ago Jesus spoke to me in a dream. He walked to me from behind and came to sit in front of me, He said,

'Do not forget that I was hated for what I spoke. Do not be surprised if people look upon you in disdain. What I see is beauty itself because of the honesty and obedience of your heart. I told you to go and you went. Leave the rest to me. How you appear on the day is exactly how you need to. Just watch me use this for my Father's glory. Be at peace.'

He smiled at me, lifting one corner of his mouth, and then I awoke.

for the joy of the Lord

ki chduth ieue
exhilaration of Yahweh

There is nothing quite like a visit from Jesus to bring joy. The word exhilaration is a much more descriptive word. The joy of the Lord is not something that I take from God. Knowing that I can bring a smile to God's countenance is what gives me strength. Having joy does not mean that I am always happy, but it does mean that I am content and affirmed by His love and joy.

is your strength 

the stronghold of you 

I love these words because they reflect who holds the joy. God holds the joy, and in Him I find my stronghold. His joy is the stronghold of me. He is all about me, through me, and in me. His joy, is my hiding place and the place where I can stand on the fortress walls with my arms flung wide and declare my freedom. Now that is the true meaning of joy.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mary and Me

I have read a book this week that has challenged me and encouraged me in so many ways.  The book is 5 novellas in the one book, all about different women of the bible.  The one that greatly spoke to me was about Mary, the mother of Jesus. 

Mary was given a great honour, but with that great honour came a life of unimaginable faith.  Mary was given a great promise from God.

“Don’t be afraid, Mary,” the angel told her, “for you have found favor with God! You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you will name him Jesus.  He will be very great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his ancestor David.  And he will reign over Israel forever; his Kingdom will never end!”(Luke 1:29-33)

Mary was given a  choice, to agree to God's great plan or to remain in unbelief.

I too was given a great honour by God in bearing my children.  No, they are not Jesus, but I will train them up in His way.  I too was given a choice.  Do I choose life for Sam or do I choose not to believe, and go my own way. I too was asked to believe God's promise for Sam

'Sam will live and have life in abundance.  He will tell the nations of my healing power.'

Mary remained faithful to God even when it meant she would be rejected. Mary was scorned by those she loved, and the community around her, even some who were close to her for believing in God's promise to her.  They did not believe that she had been visited by an angel and carried the Son of God.

I too was condemned by those that thought Sam's life would count as naught.  That it would have been more merciful and less painful to let him die.

During her pregnancy and after Jesus birth Mary was miraculously protected by God and covered by His favour, because she lived in faith and blessing.

I too have seen and tasted of God's saving power and desire to live in the shadow of the Almighty.  There is no life outside of Him.

Mary watched in awe as Jesus taught those around Him about the Kingdom of God, from a young age.

I too marvel at how much God speaks to and reveals to my children.

Mary had to let her son go and do His Father's work. 

We too are called to surrender our children to God and He will guide all of their ways. 

Mary had to endure watching those around her mock and ridicule Jesus for His life and His ways.  She too was mocked and cast aside for her unwavering faith in God's promises.

I too have watched as friends and family have pulled away, as they try to comprehend with their minds the truth of God's promises.  God's promises are not discerned with the mind, they are understood by the heart. I know the words which they speak, but choose to believe God's promise for Sam.

Mary looked on as Jesus suffered and was killed, still not understanding the magnitude of God's unfolding plan.

I too must trust that despite Sam's surgeries and procedures that God's plan is perfect and that all things work together for the good of those that love Him.

Mary grieved for the pain she saw her Son endure, but also for the apparent dissolution of God's promise to her, as she witnessed Jesus die.

I too have grieved that the time of God's promise has passed.  My heart breaks, and then I am reminded that He works outside of time.

Mary's entire being rejoiced when she saw God's promise fulfilled and Jesus rose to save all men. She saw the fruit of God's plan and she praised God for His faithfulness.  There is no way she could have known that 2000 years on that he would still be drawing hearts to himself, giving eternal life to all who seek Him. 

I too will see the fruit of God's promises in our lives, not only for Sam but for all of our family.  God is faithful, I say this with all assurance. 

Yes when I get to meet Mary face to face and our eyes meet, I will smile with her and rejoice with her as we celebrate what God has done, from the heart of one blessed mother to another.

The book that I have recently read is called A Lineage of Grace, by Francine Rivers

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