Friday, January 20, 2012

A Chat Over A Cuppa

Don has been back at ACMA (Australian Center for Mission Aviation) now since the 9th of January.  In that time he has been working on doing Commercial Pilot License NAVs (planned trips), his Cessna 206 endorsement, and IFR training.  He is really happy with how it is all progressing.  We have been so blessed that Ian Deed, one of the flight instructors has been down helping out, as he is a very encouraging and supportive man of God.  Don is on target for achieving his Commercial Pilot's Licence before he starts at MST (Melbourne School of Theology) on February 14th (my birthday!).  He is very focused, but much more at ease than he was last semester completing the theory tests.  Praise God for that!

Last week, we all had our medicals for the application to MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship), the kids and I included.  The went extremely well and as a bonus, majority of it was bulk billed by our very sympathetic doctor.  When we rang to collect the results for the blood tests, we were asked to make and appointment with the doctor. OH OH!  Two days later was the earliest we could see her.  We prayed that all would be well, and once again I had to contend with fear.  On the morning we arrived for the appointment to find there was a miscommunication and the tests were excellent, all of them.  She just wanted to advise us that if we were heading overseas we would need injections!   We will think about injections if we are accepted to serve with MAF.

Jack heads off to begin school at Yarra Glen Primary School on the 2nd February.  He is very pleased with his uniform, shoes and lunch box. All else is provided by the school.  I am so very pleased with that.  it is so much simpler.  He is very keen to start, so that he can play with new friends and learn to read.

Sam is growing up more and more.  He sings out loud when I swing him on the swing at the park, at the top of his lungs.  His favourite song is 'This is the sound of a warrior', by Andrew Ironside.  Sam adores music, and we cannot ride in the car without the CD player going.  He makes sure of it. He also goes down the big boy slides by himself now.    He will also be attending Kinder/Kindy (depending where you live), on a Wednesday morning for 2 and half hours.  He has a new lunchbox and is very excited.

I have just started writing again today after taking a months break.  I really needed the head space and rest.  I am so pleased that I did make the effort to stop.  I feel much refreshed and like I can finish what I have started with God on this project.    Below are a photo of some of my favourite things, bits and bobs that have made my life enjoyable over the last few weeks. I love tea. My husband bought me this six place setting tea set from the local antique store for Christmas.  The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers, had me loving God and desiring to serve Him all over again.  And many happy hours of Jane Austen were enjoyed over the Christmas break also.

I wonder, what are you favourite things at the moment? 

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