Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Family Photo Catch Up

Jack celebrated his 6th birthday on the 8th of May.  This year we headed out to the park to make the most of the brief sunshine. 

He loved his Swiss Family Robinson Cake.

His favourite present was by far his compass.  Camo paint, army utility belt and camo water bottle were put to good use.  The camo paint was oil based and took a loooong time to scrub off.  The next day he still went to school with well tinted eyebrows!!

On the weekend we went in to Melbourne to collect the camera we had lost at the hospital and enjoyed the zoo for the day.

 There were many people in the butterfly house and the butterflies were not resting on anyone that day.  Jack was desperate to have one touch him, so he prayed that a butterfly would land on him and he sat for well over 15 minutes with this particular butterfly coming back again and again.  I think it loved the blue colour of his shirt. He was so excited and sat still like this, just mesmerised by this little answer to prayer. 

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