Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sometimes Words Are Enough

As Mother's Day approaches, many of us are without our mothers. 

Some are separated by distance

Some are separated by the end of life on earth.

Some are separated by offense, discord and disharmony.

Some have never had the pleasure of knowing their mother.

Some are separated by choice.

Some would give the world for one more kind gaze, one more warm cuddle.

Since being married, I have rarely lived close to my mother, though I love her with a love that surpasses our distance.  We may not see each other often but there are things we can share.

We share love, which can never be taken from our hearts.  For we are joined in a way that goes beyond space and time.

We share memories, because we take the time to make them and ponder upon them often.  They are precious jewels that I like to wear continually. I do not keep them for special occasions but use them everyday.  They draw us together.

We share words; spoken words and written words.  Words about the funny, the ridiculous, the serious and the everyday.  Words that flow into a continuous conversation which spans the great divide.

The above things that we share are yours to share with your mother too, no matter where you or she maybe.  Love, memories, and words may be treasured, spoken and received no matter where we are.


Also on Mother's Day, my TV interview with Wesley Impact will go to air.  So if you are an early riser it is on at 5.30am on Channel 9 or 7.30am on Australian Christian Channel.  I will be sharing about Sam's Heart.  Make sure you tell your friends. xx

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