Friday, March 25, 2011

Two Years On

Tonight I have been thinking back to when Sam was born.  With the release of the book coming up, and thinking about NETS, it has brought with it some reflection.  In the picture below Jack was 2 and a half, the same age that Sam is now. Here he is holding his little brother.  He loved him then, and nothing has changed. In fact over the last year I have had the privilege of watching them grow into little mates. The only time they leave each other is to sleep. 
From the time Sam was a baby they have always had a bond.  They are so different in nature and yet they seem to complement each other because of it.  Jack is rough and active and only sits still long enough to eat.  Sam is more laid back physically but has fierce determination and thinks everything through. They are quite a formidable team.  No wonder I am exhausted at the end of each day.

As I look at them here in their super suits, I have decided that they are super.  Jack is super becuase he has stood through his brother through thick and thin, pain and laughter, when he's well and when he's not.  Sam is super because he takes everything in his stride with such joy and peace..oh and he has half a heart but lives life more than most of us do with a full heart. 

Father God please help me to live a super life, using all of the gifts you've given me. And help me to raise these boys to give you glory and fulfil your purposes for them.  Thanks for being our Super Saviour Jesus.


Krötenmama said...

Dear Nicole, your boys are so wonderful!
Trust in them, trust in you and trust in live a super life!
Thanks for sharing it with the world.
Thank you.

Greatings from far away Germany to you,

Nicole Watson said...

So lovely to hear from you Sandra. Thank you for your encouragement and for reading the blog. I do love having friends from far away places. May God bless you and your family also with much love.

Nicole :D

Be A Fun Mum said...

Can't wait to read, and feature the book. I've been so encouraged, and in awe, watching your faith and God's amazing Grace through this from the start. Love you all. x

Nicole Watson said...

Hi Kell,

Can't wait to feature on 'Be a Fun Mum' too! I'm looking forward to the story finally being out there to touch some hearts. Thanks for all of your love and support :D


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