Sunday, June 19, 2011

Speaking Up to Cherish Life

Sensational, would be the word I use to describe the past weekend.  The Cherish Life Conference in Brisbane was well prepared, presented and was a blessing to all involved.  The speakers were excellent and I learned much and was challenged by some of the information put forward.  I do like a challenge. I loved speaking, it felt so natural and to share our story barely required me to look at my notes.  So I think it came over well.  I made people laugh and cry, so I believe it did. 

I met the most amazing people and God orchestrated many meetings that were God incidents (I don't believe in coincidence).  There was even a beautiful woman with whom I spoke, that was not told about the surgeries in Melbourne and lost her precious baby (who had the same heart condition as Sam) as a result.  This is why I must continue to speak!  This is why I want people to read our book.  We need to raise awareness and save more lives and more souls.
I met doctors, members of parliament, advocates, mothers, fathers and lovers of God.  Each has there own story to share of God's work in their lives, in the good times and the bad.  Each has their own gifts and talents.  However we all share one thing in common; a heart and purpose to see that all life is protected and cherished.  I will leave you with some photos of our time in the city. I am hoping to obtain conference photos and video sometime soon, and will upload that later. 

The country mouse in the city

Good times, just the two of us...

My big day, time to tell our story and speak up for those that can't.

Following is the final part of my speech from the day...

I imagine…

I imagine a day when life is considered precious in all of its forms.

I imagine a day when there are no more remorseful and regretful parents.

I imagine a day when pregnancy is considered a blessing and not an inconvenience.

I imagine a day when babies are recognised in the womb as babies.

I imagine a day when the elderly, and the ill are given every opportunity to live and not feel a burden.

I imagine a day when all of humanity celebrates and gives thanks for the time they have been given on the earth.

I imagine a day when the least important in the world become the most important.

I imagine a compassionate and loving humanity that knows how to cherish life.

Will you be bold enough to imagine with me?


Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Beautiful words to leave with us Nicole. I'm sure you touched the hearts of many this weekend.

mamamia said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the convention. What a shame that poor mother was not given any hope, how tragic!
Keep up your good work!

Nicole Watson said...

Hi Narelle,
Like you I just have to trust God that lives will be changed through us being faithful. Thanks for motivating me xx

Nicole Watson said...

Thanks Mamamia :) There is just so much misinformation out there, not ony on heart conditons but a broad range of health issues surrounding babies. The best we can do is tell our story, pray and encourage others. Thank you for your encouragment.

Paula Vince said...

You've had an inspiring and eye-opening weekend. Nothing more encouraging than knowing that you're helping impact other lives for the better, hey? I hope there'll be many more opportunities to share ahead of you.

Nicole Watson said...

It definitely was an eye opener, and so much fun. Who knows what the future hold hey? :)

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