Thursday, June 23, 2011

W.O.W. Wow

Yesterday was such a strange day.  In the morning we were disappointed to learn that the contract to sell our home had fallen through.  Don and I spent the morning searching God because he had told us both separately that this was the time.  We rallied our friends to pray.  Something just didn't feel right.  We did not have God's peace.  We praised God anyway in the midst of our uneasiness. 

I started to question if I had heard God right, if he really wanted us to go to MAF at all.  I asked him to send a buyer for our home that day, and to not put me to shame when I had faith in His promises. I cried and asked his forgiveness for doubting him but I needed a to know that I wasn't crazy!

An hour before Don left to go to work, we received a phone call from the real estate with another offer from different buyers on our home.  We negotiated over last night and we agreed on a price today.  The contract will be signed over the next few days. WOW.

I really don't know what to say.  God saved me from shame, he was faithful to his promises as he always is.  Why don't I learn, after all we have been through with Him?  I feel just like Israel in the Old testament as they meandered from obedience to unfaithfulness.  I cried more then, and asked God's forgiveness for my human frailty, lack of wisom and lack of faith.  And as I told him how much I loved him he said 'Just as this promise has been fulfilled so will Sam's heart be whole.  So will he testify of my goodness to all men.  So will he be a display of my mercy and power upon the earth.  Just keep your eyes upon me and do not be anxious for anything'  Amen Lord, amen.

So what does this mean for us.  It means a great many things.  It means the time of rest here in Pittsworth is coming to close.  It means that the time of waiting is over and the time of preparation for missionary service has begun.  So now we prepare, pack and move to Melbourne, for Don to begin study.  I don't know what this will all look like yet, but it will likely happen over the next month.

I beg you for prayer. We have experienced fierce opposition in recent weeks from the enemy.  I would ask that you cover us with God's protection and the blood of Jesus.  I would ask that you pray for the  house contract to be finalised without any hitches and hiccups.  I would ask that you pray for peace of mind for us all as we navigate this new path, especially for the boys.  And finally I ask that you praise God with me for the mighty blessings he has bestowed upon us. 

Let the fun and games begin...


Ian and Danni said...

awesome. Prayers and love are with you guys. Love much xxx

Paula Vince said...

Wow, there's a lot going on with you guys. We'll pray as requested. (And we'd have to try to visit you in Melbourne as it's a lot closer to Adelaide :D)

Nicole Watson said...

Thanks for praying Danni. Love to you guys. Hope you are all well xx

Nicole Watson said...

It is much closer Paula :D Sound like a visit will be in order. How exciting ! xo

mamamia said...

I am so happy for you that God came through in such a wonderful way right when you needed Him to!
We are in the process of selling a house too and in desperate straits! I keep holding to stories like yours, that God IS faithful, He will not let us down.
Now I am getting even more excited to see how God will work in our life.
Thank you for sharing, and praying that everything goes smoothly with the next stage of your adventure!
God bless you!

Heart n Soul said...

Fierce opposition means your taking ground.... your miracle is on its way.

Nicole Watson said...

Thanks so much mamamia! Praise God for all of his goodness to us. Looking forward to the future and all He has for us.
I will pray for your home to sell. God sees and hears and knows. I hope it sells soon :)

x Nicole

Nicole Watson said...

Hallelujah Heart 'n' Soul! Sam's heart is on it's way and I am already thanking God for it :) Thank you for your support and celebrating alongside us.
x Nicole

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