Thursday, June 30, 2011

Five Books That Have Changed My Life

A friend of mine has asked me to share a list of five books that have changed my life. It was very difficult to only choose five, bit I am very happy with the selection.
Each one of the books below challenged me on some level. I believe the process of change only comes through challenge, that seems to be God's way.  In compiling the list I am now thinking of continuing on to complete a list of movies next.  Anyone want to join me?

The Bible by God
This book literally gave me the key to new life.  God can speak to anyone through the bible.  I was 16, and really messed up. I picked up the bible and decided I wanted to know who won in the end.  The first book I ever read in the bible was Revelation.  Yes Revelation, in the New King James Version, and I understood it.  It was clear to me what God was doing and saying and I accepted Jesus, there and then.  When I called out to him, I felt and saw the darkness leave my bedroom, and two weeks later I was healed of ongoing illness that had gripped me for two years.  This book is more than a book.  It is God's lifesaver, thrown out to whoever will hold on for the ride. 

Jesus Freaks by DC Talk
This book is like a modern Voice of the Martyrs.  It is filled with short accounts of people that have been tremendously persecuted for their faith and were strengthened and upheld by God to persevere.  When I read this book it opened my eyes to the suffering and persecution that goes on, worldwide for the sake of loving Jesus.  It spoke to my heart about being bold and courageous and fighting and standing for what you believe in, no matter the cost.

Like a Mighty Wind by Mel Tari
Like a Mighty Wind is written by an Indonesian man of a local church that was part of a mighty revival in their country.  This book taught me about transformation both personal change and impacting communities through obedience to God.  It taught me to listen to God and act to see the miraculous in my everyday life.

A Message From God by Retha McPherson
This book is about the true story of Retha and her son Aldo.  Aldo was seriously injured in a car accident and had a heavenly encounter with Jesus and with God.  This follows the the story of their life's transformation through hardship.  It inspired me to always trust in God's promises and believe no matter what you see.  Interestingly enough, God placed this book in my path about a year before my little Sam's diagnosis.  I still follow Retha's writing to this day and can't wait to read her other books.

Sam's Heart byNicole Watson
I guess this one is different from the others because it is the book I wrote, not one that I've read.  Our journey was life changing yes, but it is the process of writing that was a surprise to me.  God used this book to bring closure and assurance to my heart with every passage we wrote together.  It taught me to share all of the parts of my heart with others for the good of His Kingdom. As I wrote, it was as if the any residual feeling of the experience were taken from me, and although it is still a part of my life's journey, the soul wounds have been healed.  It changed my life, by ending one part of my life adventure and offering a new beginning.

Thanks to Jo @ Princess Warrior Lessons


konferens bohuslän said...

Hey these books are really heart toching. even my life is been changed.

Nicole Watson said...

Bless you Konferens :) Imagine what is will be like after you read them all! Thanks for leaving a message. Lovely to 'meet' you.

Anonymous said...

Loved your testimony with the Word. SO much more than a book.....

I know what you mean about finding healing in the writing process. (Love your book!)

I haven't read the other 3 books. They all look amazing.

I loved reading through and how the books have changed you.

Thanks for linking in! xo

Nicole Watson said...

Was so much fun Jo and there was a very close tie for the fifth one. Looking forward to doing films next :) Thanks for the invitiation.


Michelle said...

Great list of book! I've been pondering over several books ... and still can pin point 5. Well done.

Nicole Watson said...

Thanks Michelle. I know it is definitely difficult to narrow the list down to 5. I hope you reach your 200 followers soon. Bless you :)

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