Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pick Up Your Sword!

Now that we have put on our tiara's/crowns(read here), God is calling us to a higher purpose.  God has told us that the difficulties and challenges that we face each day, are not fought with our hands and feet, but with the spirit (Ephesians 6:12).  I believe it is high time we stop complaining about our situations and circumstances, and standing in our royal garb, take up the sword.  I see a stirring in the people of God after many years of defeat, a stirring that is awakening the warrior within.  No longer are his people content to whinge about the weather, their latest ailment or their financial situation.  There is a change happening deep within the human spirit, that has been emerged through the signs of the times.  I think we have finally come to realise that we are a catalyst for change.  We have been given power from on high to affect change on the earth.  We are able to do nothing without God in us, but by Him we can do all things(Phil 4:13).  He is empowering us by Holy Spirit.

In this last week we have had a tumultuous time of waiting. We are waiting to see if our home will sell, if we are moving interstate, we are waiting on Sam to be healed, we are waiting to hear if Don passes his medical, and we are waiting to see if the college will take Don mid year.  So much waiting and trusting and hoping.  And while all of this goes on, the enemy of discouragement comes.  This last week has seen us in the emergency department with Sam with suspected concussion.  An ambulance ride at 11.30pm, only to arrive home and well by 3.30am.  The enemy's pathetic attempt to keep us distracted and defeated.  We have had difficulties with home buyers, our finances, and a number of other problems.   It is these times on the front lines that our character is tested. 
With God's help we have learned again and again that this is not the time to accept the lies, become distracted and put your head under a pillow and scream.  This is the time when you take up your sword!  This is the time when you deal the enemy his biggest blow.  When you are on the back foot, the last thing he expects is for you to run and charge with sword drawn.
Shout God's promises, read them, meditate upon them.  Train your mind to block out all negative thoughts and desires.  Sing your heart out, even while the tears pour down.  I have people say to me, 'That all sounds very spiritual, but this is a real problem'

What we see before us is not the reality of what we fight.  The reality of the fight is in the spirit, and when we stand our ground there, we see the problems before our eyes and in our heart, transformed into blessing. 

Will you draw you sword brother and sister?  Will you stand with me on the battle ground?  Will you bring the Kingdom of Heaven down to Earth to prepare the way for the King?


Michelle said...

I love the whole pick up your sword message. So powerful.

Nicole Watson said...

And look Michelle, you are wearing your tiara in your profile picture. :) God is power and love. We are so blessed.

Paula Vince said...

Yeah, you said it! Let's take up our swords!!
BTW, I take it you're still waiting to hear about all those things.

Nicole Watson said...

Awesome there are now three of us on the offensive!! :D Go Jesus!

And yes Paula, we are still waiting to hear, and waiting, and waiting ...but smiling :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Count me in too. I loved Holly Wagner's book "Warriorchicks". In this book she talks about familiarising yourself with the Word (our sword) so much that it becomes and extension of us to use in defense. xo

Nicole Watson said...

I'm going to have to find and read 'Warriorchicks' now. Thanks for letting me know xo

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