Monday, June 6, 2011

Will You Pray?

As many of you know, God has called Don and our family, to serve with Mission Aviation Fellowship.  To read more about that calling click here.  We have had our home for sale since late last year and have been waiting, praying and living in expectation. 
In recent weeks we have signed a contract on our home subject to the sale of the buyers home. It included a clause that after 21 days, other people can offer to buy our home.  That 21 days ends next Monday, and we have another buyer interested in our home.  So next week should be very interesting.
To make things a little more exciting we also found out that Don maybe able to start his flying training mid July, so that would mean moving to Melbourne as soon as the house is sold. 
It is quick.  But if this is what God wants we are happy,we are ready in our heart and heads, we just need to get moving on the ground!  However we will know nothing for certain until late next week.
So with all of this going on I asking for your prayer.  It is all out of our hands, which I love, because I know it is all in God's hands. There is simply no better place to be.

And here is where we  continually just hold it all up to God and say 'Take it all.'  Every day as we get up and then lay down to sleep we pray the same thing.  Will you please join with us?
I guess I would ask that you would pray for us to have peace and courage.  That all will go well according to God's plans and purposes for us and that each part of the plan will fall into place in his timing.  I am also asking him for confirmation about the move mid year.  I have received scriptural confirmation but he knows me, I always look for more than one :)

And to make this all the more action packed, this week I have a Sam's Heart book signing on Saturday and then the Cherish Life Conference the following week at which I get to speak and share our story. 

This is not a blog where I will pretend that I have it all together.  I don't, and never will this side of glory.  But I will be real and share our struggles and fears.  I will ask for prayer because the bible tells us to love and encourage one another.  Thank you for listening and praying alongside us.  May God bless you inside and out. xx


Michelle said...

sure can - will be praying for peace... and for everything to fall into place for you

Nicole Watson said...

xx Michelle. Your prayers mean the world to me :)

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Praying for you guys.

Nicole Watson said...

Hugs Narelle. I love and appreciate your prayers and so does God. :)

Paula Vince said...

Depend on our prayers too. God has great things in store for you all.

Nicole Watson said...

Thanks Paula xx. Feeling very encouraged and loved right now :)A bit like the first willy wagtail ;)

Ian and Danni said...

Standing with you guys in prayer.


Nicole Watson said...

Thanks Danni and Ian. Love you guys. Hope you are ok. Praying for you too <3 xx

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