Thursday, October 27, 2011

Watching Sam

I watch him play,
and I delight in seeing him create games and characters each having their own voice.

I watch him eat,
carefully with small mouthfuls, never enough to make a chubby tummy,

I watch him share,
laughing infectiously with his big brother, a secret game.

I watch him swim,
in the bath like a crocodile, full of excitement.

I watch him talk,
and share his ideas and plans with the world.

I watch him pray, 

every night  for God to fix his Mum, when he knows his own heart is broken.

I watch him accept,
his medicine every evening, wondering how it will affect his growing body.

I watch him test,
his own blood, with apprehension and then courage.

I watch him run,
with exuberance, and then get puffed and flop down.

I watch him do all of these things,
and then I look to God, because He is watching too.

I watch Him smile,
because He has the plan for our lives in His hands, and it delights Him.

I watch Him laugh,
as we overcome each hurdle, by he power of His name.

I watch Him rejoice,
As we walk this path in victory, because He knows we have won.

In all honesty there are some days that I even forget Sam has a heart condition.  There are some days that I am so oblivious, that I have forgotten his medication.  What a  comfort it is to know God's peace each and every step of the way.

(Yes, Jack is missing his front teeth, and he is trying to be funny with his smile in this photo)


lisa said...

Beautiful, Nicole.
Thanks for sharing.

Nicole Watson said...

Hugs Lisa. I hope you and your family are well and living in God's blessing.


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