Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Faith in Action

We are in the process of completing the MAF application papers.  It is an extensive process which includes medicals, psychological profiling, a CV, as well as large application document, in which we need to provide an autobiography of our life to date.  We are enjoying most of it.  I completed part of the psychological testing yesterday, and Don will complete it in two weeks time.  It's quite interesting, and tells you more about yourself while you do it.  Or maybe I am just weird, and like this sort of thing.

There is one thing that I have been dealing with in the back of my mind all week.  It is something that I need to ask you to stand with me in faith for. 

On the medical forms there is a declaration that the doctor needs to sign.  The declarations states that we may be asked to serve in areas that have high heat, humidity, a lack of immediate access to medical care, as well as social and physical challenges.

Do you see my concern?  No doctor in his right mind would sign a declaration saying that these conditions would be OK for Sam.  I am not worried about these things as I know God will look after Sam, and always has.  My concern lies with the fact that our acceptance to MAF may be hinged on this medical report.  I know that God has called us to serve MAF, it is undeniable.  And so each day we are stepping out in obedience, knowing full well that in the world's eyes it looks foolish and folly.  That if we were to look at the hand we have been dealt, we would throw it in.  Yet, we have been asked by God to keep our eyes firmly fixed on him, and not at our situation.  We have watched in in the last few months as CASA has continually tried to deny Don a medical certificate, only to watch him pass test after test with no problem.  Why should we believe that Sam will be any different?  Surely if God has called us, he has a place that is handpicked by him, ready for us to serve. 

It is a battle for me, because as I fill in the forms I am painfully aware that my little boy's body is not the same as everyone else, that his limitations are more pronounced.  And yet, time after time, as we have his check ups we see his heart function is tremendous, and improving. 

Then he said to the crowd, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross daily, and follow me. (Luke 9:23)

Turn from your selfish ways...
If I am to follow God in his leading, I must turn from my own thoughts, my own doubts,  and my own circumstances.  This means letting go of the worry and standing firm, even when the enemy whispers to me that it is a joke to even complete the papers.   

take up your cross...
The cross is represtative of our identiy and salvation in Christ Jesus.   I must live as Chrsit has asked us to and in the knowledge that I live in the Kingdom.  I must dare to be different and walk in the new life I have been given daily. This is what what it means to pick up your cross. 

and follow me...
Only Jesus can hold my gaze.  If I rest my eyes, even for a second on the what lays before me, I will be undone.  The amazing story that we were told on Sunday at church, was of the eagle and how it is the only bird designed with special glands in it's eyes so it can look directly at the sun.  All of the pesky birds that try to attack the eagle are undone when the eagle powers upward toward the sun.  One by one they all drop away becuase they are not designed the same as the eagle.  
I need to be just like this eagle.  I need to keep powering upward toward the sun, and as I do all of these things will drop away. 

Living in God's Kingdom is not easy, but it is rewarding.  Will you stand in faith with me? Will you pray with me and encourage me with some scripture? 

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