Friday, October 21, 2011

The Blessing of Discouragement

It may seem like a strange title, but the more I have talked to God about it, the more I am convinced.

We have had our fair share of discouragement this week, not only in our own family, but also in those surrounding us.  The battle of the mind and will, has been intense and as we have endured this may times before, we know we have to dig our heels in, praise God, and keep walking.
I won't go into details, but there has been discouragement, on quite a number of fronts. We have learned and are still learning that discouragement is a tool God allows to be used, in order to draw us back into His arms.  It may not be that you have stepped out of them, but He just wants to draw you in all the more closer for a season.  Discouragement is almost like a magnet in nature.  Either it will draw you back to God and you will cleave to Him, or if the poles are reversed, you will be repelled and run in the opposite direction.  I can look back now and thank God for times of discouragement, because in them we have learned not to run, but to embrace.  So the reality is for us, that discouragement is a blessing.  Because in reality we know there is no other place we want to be but in His arms, regardless of what is happening around us.  

So instead of 
complaining...we praise

instead of
running...we embrace

instead of 
giving up...we push on

instead of 
withdrawing...we reach out

instead of 

hiding...we shine.


Paula Vince said...

Good on you, Nicole. Great attitude. You've probably noticed that discouragements tend to come in 'clusters' at times, which totally supports what you say. You're a blessing to many.

Nicole Watson said...

Yes, I can definitely attest to the clusters theory Paula. Though thankfully, the season will be short lived and already God has lifted my burden. As an aside, I just finished another chapter!

Amanda said...

Thank you for this post. This is exactly where I'm at this week too. I have had a couple of huge disappointments this week that have left me questioning whether I should continue with my creativity at all. You are right, we shouldn't withdraw, I do feel like doing that though for a day or two.

mamamia said...

We have been so discouraged for so long now, and as I look back I can see where we've drawn closer to God and how much He has blessed us! Our God is an awesome God!

Nicole Watson said...

Hugs Amanda, perhaps you could just draw into His arms instead of withdrawing. It certainly is a battle of the heart. I can't count the amount of times that I sit down to write and have doubts and thoughts about giving up. However when I look into the face of my Jesus, I can just not say no to Him. I love Him too much.

Nicole Watson said...

Our God is awesome in mercy, and love, and splendour! Praise God that Jesus, though he was discouraged, never gives up on us.

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