Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Missions Newsflash!

 Celebrate with us!!!!  It is official, Don has finally been passed for his CASA Class 1 Medical!  It is in the post as I type.  It has been a long 4 months waiting for the approval.  We have been praying, you have been praying, and all the while God has been whispering 'It is in my hands'.  We have moved interstate, waiting and believing that God would make it happen, and once again, He has shown that He is faithful..  All glory to God!

The radio interview from Sam's Heart, seems to have sparked a whole new wave of readers, and I have received orders and feedback over the last couple of days, which has lifted my soul, and inspired me to write once again.

Don has his psyche test today and it looks like we will be doing more formal interviews by the end of the year. 

The boys and I, went to get a Christmas tree today, a real one.  It is just perfect for our little home.  We are looking forward to having fun decorating it, over the coming weeks.  On the way to get the Christmas tree, Jack sang to Jesus in the back of the car and told Him, 'I love you Jesus, Happy birthday to you.  We are decorating the house because we love you.' . He has already made the star for the top of the tree.  Now I know why we decorate a tree at Christmas :)

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