Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More than History

Warning:  This article discusses the bible and knowing God.  If that freaks you out and you can't handle it, stop reading now.

The bible is more than just a  book of historical fact (it has never been proven false).  It is a book, so woven together that it speaks of our past, our present and our future.  Through it God gives us the truth about:

how we came to be
what we are doing (our purpose), and;
what will happen to us.

Through His truths He sets us free.  For before we know God our minds and hearts are plagued with the three questions above.  Until we discover that knowing God answers all of our questions, there is always a sense of doubt in the unknown.  And I mean why rush right?  "It's not that I'm old and don't have long to go? I don't really need to think about death yet, I'm in the prime of my life.  Lovin' life, livin' it up."

For some reason people tend to believe that when you know God life is boring, that you cease to laugh, get all serious and can't do anything that is remotely enjoyable.  The opposite is true in fact, there are changes that happen in your life, yes but they are all good. 

I am now secure in how I came to be-that I was designed and made lovingly by God.
I now know that I have a purpose and meaning here in he lives of others and I know there are plans for me. 
I know that when I do die, it is not the end for me.  So I can live life fully charged, knowing whatever I face I am not alone, that there is a plan for me and that the end is a good one. 

Did you know there is no other faith in the world that ensures you will live on?  That you will get to see your loved ones again?  I'm just putting it out there.  Did you know God will never give up on you, until the day you die?   He will be forever sending people into your life and opportunities for you to see Him through the haze in life.  He gives us all a choice, and will never force us to love Him.

I don't know why I was meant to share this today.  It's a message that I woke with on my heart.  You can take it and ponder or you can toss it aside.  Remember it's your choice, He made you that way.


Nicole xx

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