Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Timeline and Update

This post is one for those who want to know all of the details. (Feel free to ignore otherwise).

We have decided to move now rather than later.  As soon as we made the choice and took the step of faith, everything started to fall into place.   So we are busy packing and readying to move out by the 25th August. 

Jack and Sam's last day at school and kinder will be Friday the 17th August.

Don speaks at the Men's Breakfast at church on Sat 18th August.

Don finishes up at GippsAero on Tuesday 21st August.

We will be moving out sometime in the week leading up to the 25th.

This time we will be driving up the coast and stopping at Buderim on the way.  Don will be doing his multi engine endorsement at Caloundra, so that he is all schooled up to fly the Baron aircraft out at Longreach.  We will be at the at the Sunshine Coast from approx 29th August to 1st Sept. We are also trying to fit in a check up at the Mater Hospital for Sam in that time. We are waiting to hear back from the hospital in regard to that.  Sam's care will be transferred back to Dr Alex Gooi, who we love, and he is very excited about seeing Sam again also.

We will then head up to Bundaberg for a few nights (Maybe 1st and 2nd Sept).

Then up to Biloela to stay overnight with family, before driving straight out to Longreach.

We hope to move in out at Longreach on September 5th.  However there is one small detail that needs to be sorted, and that is that we are yet to find a home.  Pray about that with us please.  We are looking to rent a house.

We have been tremendously blessed with people offering to help us move and help us pack, even stay at their home if we need to.  We will be travelling in the Prado (which now has new tyres, new radiator and rear shockies), and will have out two little boys and Bear the dog to keep us all entertained/insane.

I have spoken to Jack's school out at Longreach and all seems to be well for him to recommence Prep.  They even have a Spring Dance, the social event of the season, the week after we arrive.  All going well Jack will head back to school on the 10th September.  Don will also begin work on this day, if possible.

I look at timeline and shake my head in disbelief that it will actually work.  God increase my faith.  And if it doesn't, then plans were meant to be flexible weren't they?  Thanks for praying for us. xx


Michelle said...

oh wow! how exciting. Our house looked a little like that today... we just moved a load of stuff to my MIL in preparation to move.
Praying everything goes to plan.

Leeanne Kerr said...

well i'm so glad that i had the privlage of meeting you all. oxoxoxox big smile

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