Saturday, August 18, 2012

Learning to Run

I love that God and I have this thing called a relationship.  I love that He gave me free will and the ability to choose.  I love that he chooses to love me despite all of my failings.  He is giving me a new idea of what it means to relate to Him in living this thing called life here on earth.

You know the account in the bible when Jonathan and and his armor bearer defeat the army on the steep incline?  You can read it here.  Our move to Longreach has been very much like that battle.  We felt moved to apply for the job in Longreach and we prayed if God wanted Don to have it, He would have it quickly.  It took two days. Then we began to wait to find someone to rent out home here in Victoria and we just didn't feel at peace.  So we asked God, "Do you want us to go now?"  No answer.  Through His word God began to show us that we need to have more faith.  So we decided to throw it all on the line and just go.  If he wanted us to go her would make it happen.  If it didn't we would stay. 

By risking it all, God took our small measure of faith and ran with it.  And we have come to this rather new revelation that God wants us to relate with Him in this way.  Sometimes we need to wait for explicit direction and other times we need to act in faith and then look to Him for confirmation.  Just as God honoured Jonathan's faith, so too will He honour ours.

Doesn't that just blow your mind?  That God in all of His majesty would listen to our ideas, and our desires, because He loves us.  Not only that but just like a proud Dad, He waits for us to stretch our spiritual legs of faith and take those first wobbly steps, encouraging us all the way. "C'mon, you can do it.  Wooohooo!  Look at my little girl go.  Did you see her everyone, did you see how she trusted me to let go and walk?"

"Yeah, watch me walk Daddy.  I can't wait for you to teach me to run!"

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