Friday, August 17, 2012

His Time Is Always Right

It always amazes me at how everything comes together in the eleventh hour, when it comes to God's timing.  It's like He likes to keep you in suspense and then go " Tada!  See I told you I had it covered."

When we made the decision to go to Longreach without having all of the answers, we believed that it was what God wanted and took the first steps.  Ever since we have seen him at work.  Taking that first step can sometimes be a bit daunting.  No matter how many times you do it.

We have a home to move into in Longreach.  It is a beautiful home and I am excited about living there.  It has many bedrooms, and is quite new.  It is air conditioned and even has a dishwasher. That's something to get excited about right?  That means we have plenty of room for visitors, if you're up to a short drive (hee hee).

(The inside view of our new home in Longreach.)

In the last two days two applications have been submitted to take over our current lease in Victoria.  Four days ago the real estate agent told us that she had many houses on her books at the moment and everything was a bit slow.  We trusted God, and told Him so as well as others. The next day two inspections were organised and two applications made.  He never fails to astound me with His faithfulness.

Today was a day of mixed emotions.  Jack and Sam both had their last days at kinder and school.  And it was also the day of our friend Christine's funeral.  Though we could not be there, it still rested heavy on us today, as we thought about her family.

Don is sick with a head cold and is due to speak at the Men's breakfast at church tomorrow morning.  He would appreciate your prayers.

All going well we hope to leave Victoria on either Thursday or Friday of next week.  And by Sunday we hope to officially be Queenslanders again. 

While we are at the Sunshine Coast (Mon 27th-Fri 31st) Don will be completing the twin engine endorsement and the boys and I hope to take a break and relax a little.

Of course we would love to catch up with our friends along the way, even though the time will be limited. So please give us a call, and if you need our number, email and we will send it to you. (See email link on sidebar).

We are enjoying the last days of the views here.  The wind seems a little less colder now and the sun seems to be shining more frequently.  Soon we look forward to hugging our family and making some more memories.

(Sam helping Mum vacuum.)


Debbie @ Aspiring Mum said...

Wow! What an adventure you are on! God definitely takes us right to the edge with His timing - that's for sure!

All the best for your move and I'll be praying that you all settle in well.

Nicole Watson said...

Adventure is definitely the right word Debbie. Truly though, I do long for a period of time in one place, just for a while. But I only want to be where God wants us, because that's where His blessing is and there is nothing quite like sitting in your Daddy's lap is there? Thank you for your prayers.

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