Friday, August 10, 2012

Hard Week

This week has been trying on many around us and I have to admit it has taken it's toll on our family as well. This week we lost a dear friend, Christine, very suddenly and it has shocked us all.  Christine was daughter of God, a loving wife and a mother to four beautiful girls, all in primary school.  I still can't believe she is gone, and I think it will take some time for the fact to become a reality in my mind. It has shaken Don and I, once again, as we realise how finite our time here on earth is and how all of our minutes count.  It is not the first time we have had to face this kind of loss but is does not make it an easier and my heart breaks for her family.

We also know  another little girl who is battling tough at the moment with HLHS.  Her family is in Denmark and I would really appreciate it if you could pray for Hannah.  I really want her Mum and Dad to be able to take her home.  They need a miracle of epic proportions and I know God is in to that, so please ask.

In between the turmoil, I have all but given up on packing, most of it is done anyhow.  Our house here does not yet have a replacement tenant, and there is a severe shortage of housing in Longreach.  And so we are here at the 11th hour, waiting, hoping and praying for a place to live.  We leave Victoria in less than two weeks and it would greatly please my heart if I knew we had a home to go to, especially with two little boys and a dog to think about.  Everything else seems to be coming along smoothly with the move. 

So many times this week I catch myself staring off into space, going to bed early, drinking way too much tea and searching God's word for hope in all ways.  He has never let me down yet.  I don't pretend to think that He will this time.  In fact I choose to believe that He has only his best in store for us, that no only will He provide what we need but that He may delight us by giving us the desires of our heart.

And in the meanwhile I picture Christine standing with Jesus, hand in hand as they wander the heavens together, where there is no more sadness or sickness or pain.  See you again one day beautiful lady.  I know I will, because we have family in high places.


Nina said...

*hugs* Nicole ... these are certainly hard times. May God hold you today. xx

Nicole Watson said...

Thank you for your care Nina. xx

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