Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our First Week in Longreach

On our way through from the coast we were able to stay a few night with our family at Biloela, and then drove straight out to Longreach.

The drive out west was beautiful, there was more to see than I thought there would be.  There were quite a few hills on the way and the landscape slowly opened up and panned out as we neared Longreach. I guess it was the big blue sky and the warmth that struck us the most.  So beautiful.



On Tuesday, the day after arriving we discovered that we were able to move into our new home early and so we jumped in with both feet, forgetting our weariness and plugged along with unpacking, thankful to have help from two apprentices from Don's new workshop.  Only later that night did we realise how tired we were.  We also had to quickly adjust to the warmer temperatures 30C days after 15C days in Vic. 

The boys wait in the car for the shipping container to be moved to our home.

Sam was all tuckered out after playing outside and fell asleep eating his snack and holding his hat.

We had many visitors popping by including our new pastor and his wife, other church members helping us out to move things about and Don's new boss.  A day later we had our first visitor stay for four nights.  Janet was on her way through from Halls Creek and joined us for the weekend.  Don and Jack both started work and school on Monday.  We actually get to have breakfast together now that Don's work hours are reasonable.

Jack is loving his new school and we are just so blessed by our new home.  It truly is more than we could have asked for in so many ways.  It's like God just saw all of the desires of our hearts and just said, "Here you go, enjoy." It is cool and airy and has lots of built in storage.  It is air-conditioned, has a great backyard with raised garden beds. There are 5 bedrooms and it even has a shed with power.  Yes, it it going to be hot.  Yes, there are flies and mosquitoes.  Yes, it is dry and there are big patches of prickles.  But we are making our home our oasis and all of the challenges seem to add to the charm somehow, at least for the time being.

Don is very happy with his new job.  The workshop is efficeint and well organised, and the people great to work with.  Some of his first flying may be to take our Pastor out to some of the outlying areas for ministry.  Isn't God so cool?  His plan is ALWAYS so much better than ours.

We have already been to a BBQ at church and have met some amazing people.  We are so excited about what God has in store for us in this new place. We have new visitors arriving tonight for two nights.  Friends from MAF who are heading up to Nhulunby.  I feel like my my body is struggling and my mind is trying to catch up, but my soul is breathing a big sigh ahhhhhh.  This is a place of new promise for us. 


Dorothy Adamek said...

So good to see you're settling in well. I must say the change in temperature sounds wonderful, for this Victorian girl. Enjoy putting roots down. xxx

Nicole Watson said...

Thank you Dorothy, we have really been enjoying the past week. I have planted geraniums and salvias, had dinner with new friends and I am still unpacking. Just feeling really blessed right now.

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