Monday, September 17, 2012

Wild West

This week has been wild. We have seen some funny things, done some funny things and loved every moment of it.  Here are some we'd love to share with you.

This truck pulled up one afternoon to stay at the caravan park across the road and I couldn't help but take a snap.  You can read more about their adventures on their website.  These guys ride their postie bikes all over Australia.  It's awesome!  Check out the cartoon on the side of the truck.

Stopping at the IGA to get groceries, this pretty car caught my eye.

We attended the annual Spring Dance at Jack's school on Friday night, the theme was Outer Space and let me tell you the costumes that night were nothing short of extraordinary.

Sam and his new little friend were inseperable all night. So cute!

Yesterday afternoon after church we (the church) all went down to the river and had some fun. Jack is in the red hat in the clump of trees near the water (yes, he is wearing a life jacket), and Don is getting ready to kayak out into.  He got about two meters out and rolled over.  It is difficult to learn to balance.  He lost his sunglasses for the effort but had fun anyway. 
Sam, Bear and I also went for a paddle.

 Jack and Bear went on their own adventure.  Jack is growing up so fast.  It is great to watch his confidence grow.


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