Thursday, September 27, 2012

Enjoying My Family

The last few weeks I have been re-learning how to love and appreciate my family, my home and making new friends. The last 12 months have been a whirlwind of activity and busyness, we are well overdue for a change.  I had to learn the hard way many years ago that living a simple life does not make you lazy or idle, or without goals.  Even here I have been asked when I will return to teaching, encouraged to put Sam in care and return to work.  It may shock some to hear me say that I may never return to full time work, in the way the world sees it.  In the time I have been at home with the boys I have learned that I have hobbies and skills I would never have learned if I had been at work.  I have learned how to be happy with my own company and not rely on others for entertainment, even though I still love to get together with family and friends.  I have learned that I love to be a wife and mother and do all that involves on a day to day basis. I have written and had a book published, spoken at conferences, had another book accept my work in it's publication, and I have almost finished writing my first novel.

Life is not boring when you choose to stay at home.  In fact it is rich and fulfilling and I get the pleasure of being able to be there for my family whenever they need me, even for the small things. In light of the refreshing revelation I have been given this week, I thought I would share some special moments with you.

Making soap again was so much fun and I forgot how good it makes the house smell.

Longreach celebrated it's 125th anniversary this week and we went along to the street parade.  It was fantastic and they even threw lollies and new water bottles out for the kids.

The vintage cars and fire engines were a highlight.

Checking out the Cobb & Co display at the Station Stop, in Longreach.

Going rock collecting down near the river.

We saw a mother emu and her chicks while were there.

And of course Bear just loves going exploring.

The paddle steamer cruises the river every afternoon.  We took this snap on one of our four-wheel driving adventures.

This bearded dragon was on the road and of course he needed saving.  Of course Don and Jack jumped at the chance.

Sunsets like these are a favourite part of our afternoons.
The back yard is beginning to green up now.  It was dry and dead when we moved in.  We are starting on the gardens now also.  This load of sand was delivered this afternoon for Sam's new sandpit-his birthday present (yes, it's a little early)

Ahh it's finished and all ready for playing tomorrow.
Yes, my days are full and I am content and happy with what each day brings.  That is enough for me.
Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. (Phil 1:3)

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