Friday, March 29, 2013

More About Day Four

Sam had a bit of a rough afternoon with an episode of extreme pain with cramping in his bowels. After the 20 minute ordeal, he was just exhausted and has felt and looked washed out all afternoon. 

The drainage from his chest drains has also picked up today, which means that he will probably still have to keep them both tomorrow, instead of removing one as planned.

Don and I are both really tired.  Between caring for both boys we are always on the go, with little rest at night for either of us.  Sam's demands are high between trying to keep him well fed, get him in an out of bed with all of his attached wires and tubes, to and from the toilet, using bed pans, changing his soiled sheets and clothes, playing with him and keeping up to date with doctors and all of the other specialists can all be very draining. In between we have to do other things like washing, and letting others know what is happening.

I am praying that in the days to come we will move to the general ward and things will be a little more relaxed. I am also praying that his drains do their job and begin to slow down, so they can be removed.

There is a skeleton staff here at the moment and the streets around the hospital are eerily quiet due to the Easter holidays. Finding food today for our meals was somewhat of a challenge.

The blood test that was done this morning came back low in sodium and needed to be repeated.  praise God the cannula once again delivered the blood after much persistance and patience on behalf of Doctor Kim. God bless that woman.  The results came back the same, which means they will keep an eye on it over the next few days.  Please pray that the cannula continues to behave so Sam can avoid haivng to give blood venously.

In addition to all of this I am afraid that Jack has become quite the Nintendo DS addict due to long hours spent at the hospital, so Don is hoping that if Sam is Ok tomorrow he can take Jack to the museum for a break from our long hospital days/nights.

So this is all of what is swimming around at the moment.  As I type to you, I am giving it all over to God who has the strength to deal with it all.  I certainly do not.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry. I know first hand how exhausting that can be.

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