Friday, March 8, 2013

No more!

So, I am tired.  Really, really tired of fighting.

The emotional battles, the physical battles, the spiritual battles are overwhelming.

Here we are 12 days away from Sam having his cardiac catheter. We fly out in 9 days.  It has already been postponed once before and Sam has another infection that will prevent him from having the procedure once again if it does not heal up quickly.

For just over a week Sam has a school sore in his nose that has stubbornly not healed with Quartizone and Bactroban.  On Monday after noting that it was not healing I filled the script for antibiotics and started those.  On Tuesday the fevers started and have not stopped until this morning. He has also complained of sore legs and I am hoping that is just because he is so tired. I am hoping that this is a sign that the infection is losing it's grip and I am praying that there is not something more sinister lurking in the background.

We head to the doctor shortly and then I will need to call the Mater Hospital in Brisbane and have a chat with them. Sam needs to be in really good health to go into hospital, because the risk of infection is too great otherwise.  These are complications he does not need. 

To have Sam's cardiac catheter postponed once again would be really hard on us and him. That is quite an understatement. I have noticed that he is getting more tired of late and getting puffed more easily when we are out and about, so I know he needs this surgery.  And so far we seem to be fighting a battle just to get him there.


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