Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rough Night

The night was not pretty, a bit like this picture of me at 3.30am after zero sleep.

Sam finally nodded off at around 10.30pm after the pains in his arms from the cannulas and him being woken for observations.

 Sam's cannula finally gave out last night after his 11pm blood test clotted.  So at 12am we had to do a veinous draw after he had finally fallen asleep for the night.

We found out at 2am that the blood test had worked and now he is clear for another 24 hours before he needs more blood taken.

His cath has been brought forward and we are fasting from 4am ( I say we because I can't eat in front of him either), so here I am at 3.30am making him breakfast so that he doesn't feel too hungry while he waits for his cath.

I wanted to tell you that after you all prayed for him last night, the pains in his arms subsided almost instantly.  He is just so brave and it is so hard to try and tell him to cry quietly so he doesn't wake the others in the room, as it is we have kept them awake nearly all night. I'm all emotional right now, I guess fatigue does that.

The doctors are coming around at 7am to let me know more about the rescheduled cathether.

Just need to make it through today. God will give me strength.


Anonymous said...

Fasting...I absolutely hate doing that!

Merryl said...

So so so tough - but the positive in bringing it forward and making Sam brekky he doesnt want to eat at a ridiculous hour is that if his catheter is earlier then the wait may not be as dragged out as if he is later in the day etc - and he is fasting mostly while he is sleeping ,,,,

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