Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day One Post Fontan

Sam's Fontan surgery was a success. Praise God!

Five hours after he went in, we received the call that we were able to see him in ICU in an hour.  Dr Tom Karl, told us that all went as planned and that there were no surprises.

At about 6.30pm we were first able to see Sam.  We had prepared Jack for how Sam would look.  I am so moved by Jack's compassion for his brother.  It was evident that he feels deeply about all that is happening to Sam. Jack sat all day with us at hospital and never once complained or misbehaved. 

Sam needed a pacemaker switched on for a little while after his surgery to help with the rhythm of his heart until it found it's own way.  He was extubated (breathing tube removed) at 8pm which was nice and early after surgery and he had no problems breathing by himself.  His chest is draining well and morphine and a few other drugs are keeping him comfortable.

I stayed with him through the night, as he woke up quickly and has not slept much at all due to all of the noise in ICU.  He is very thirsty and hungry and was allowed some fluids (very small amounts) at 11pm, but is only having something to eat at breakfast. Last night he had two episodes with pain and this caused him some distress and they had to give him bolus morphine.  It is his chest drains that are causing him pain. After he had the episodes of crying and pain he dumped big amounts of fluid from his drains.  Please pray that they will be able to keep his pain under control. For all of those who like details Sam's Oxygen sats are at 97% and his fingers and toes are warm and the pinkest I have ever seen them.  I can't stop touching them.

In his groggy state, he has been telling me jokes and telling me stories to keep both his nurse and I entertained through the night. I managed to get an hour or so sleep in the recliner near his bed.  Don and I have just swapped for a few hours so I can shower and have a rest before I go back for doctors rounds at 8am.

The doctors are really impressed with Sam's progress and it is likely that we will go to the Close Observation room on the ward by the afternoon.

I hope all of this makes sense.  I am tired but encouraged and amazed.  The sun is rising now.  And with the sun comes more of God's mercy and a truckload of his joy, to help us endure the day to come.


Anonymous said...

Oh Nicole, you all just blow my mind how strong you are. I love that you have those little warm hands and feet to hold and kiss. What a great big brother Jack is. The photos really show it all. Sending big hugs and prayers all get some rest and Sam continues to amaze the Doctors, x Dana, Clinton, Indeanna & Ada

Maureen Blokland said...

Oh Nicole, Gods' Richest Blessing To YOU!
To read your words I cried & smiled with you. A mother's heart goes through a roller-coaster ride of emotions. It IS such Great news that all is well. (perhaps the longest 5+ hours of your life!)
Your an amazing, Godly woman.....Stay that way! Your an inspiration & encouragement to many.
May Our heavenly Father keep you & your family continually safe in His arms throughout this process. Going before you in every matter & continuing His Rich Blessings. In Jesus name, Amen.

Anonymous said...

What a ride! I well remember all the tubes. So glad he is ok.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story. As an ICU nurse - and a Mum who's had a chid in ICU - I appreciate what you're traveling through. God be with you.

Anne-Marie Kellar said...

Nicole, my son Daniel had a Ross Procedure 7 years ago when he was 15. It was the most major of all the surgeries he had over the years since birth, to keep his heart going until he was old enough to have the Ross.In the Ross, Danny's malformed Aortic Valve was replaced with his own Pulmonary Valve, and the pulmonary Valve replaced with a human valve.It took 12 hours, all the while I prayed in the chapel at the Royal Childrens hospital in Melbourne. I never left his side except to shower and toilet until he left hospital.I know exactly how you feel. My prayers are with you and Sam and I know, with your faith, it will all be well!He is with you,as He was with me and Danny. Hugs

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