Friday, March 29, 2013

Day Four-Post Fontan

Sam is recovering like a star!

The day started off with him finally going to the toilet (BM) after surgery. So important for his health and comfort, especially with the other pressure from fluid still draining from his chest.
Uncle Brendan and Aunty Jess are visiting today and he was so happy to see them. It has brought a real ray for sunshine seeing family today, especially when Sam is improving som much every day.  They bought him a beautiful card and subway cookies and Sam walked all of the way to the play room with such bravery to get his cookie reward.  He sat up in the playroom for about 20 minutes, almost unassisted and ate subway cookies.  While he was there I gave him a little wash to freshen up and we were blessed with more of his little grins.
Can you believe this is all only 4 days after his open heart surgery?
His oxygen is being weaned and he is now only on .5 litre.  At this stage another of his drains will be coming out tomorrow and he is now on oral MS Contin for pain, weaning off of the stronger IV medication.
He also had blood taken today and they were able to draw that from his cannula that was still in from surgery.  This definitely made my morning.  I am just so thankful that is is still working.
He is now eating well and with that comes more energy and greater enthusiasm.
Truly we have been given the best easter gift yet.
I know that the doctors and nurses are amazing at their job, but it is God's hand and Sam's determination that are steering his recovery.  I am just astounded each day with his progress and give thanks.   

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Anonymous said...

It is indeed amazing just to do something simple like go potty!

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