Sunday, March 17, 2013

We've Made It

Well what a long day it has been.

Today we had a contemplative morning, all of us were a little quiet, each trying to deal with a day that was always going to suck (best word I could think of tonight).

We spent a wonderful morning at church with our church family and Gran Watson too.  They lavished us with love and prayers and encouragement and care.  They truly are an exceptional bunch of people.

Gran, Jack and Sam at Longreach Airport.

We headed out to the airport in the late afternoon, not quite ready to be separated.  Who could ever be ready right?  I was leaving half of my heart behind and half of Don's heart was coming with us. We  both knew the separation would be tough.  The flight was 40 minutes late and we had a very rough approach and landing at Brisbane airport.  It was all a bit scary ( I have a pilot for a husband remember).  A fierce crosswind, some bad decisions and a very fast landing were enacted leaving the tyres a bit thread bare I would imagine.

Sam was really tired on arrival and so we lugged our suitcases and other bags and arrived at Ronald McDonald House just before 8pm.  We did not have dinner, Sam was too tired, so he had choc chip biscuits in his bed for dinner and I will have breakfast tomorrow.  Praise God that we did have snacks on the plane. 

Sam is laying beside me now trying to go to sleep, while we listen the unfamiliar noises and the traffic outside.  We are thankful for a bed and a time to rest now.

Tomorrow is a new day and thank God his mercy and joy are new every day is too.


Anonymous said...

Glad you all made it safe!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all and praying all goes well. Big hug to little Sam and bigger hug to you Nic. xx Jenni

Titus2Mum said...

Nicole, I read your book a little while back and have been visiting your blog on and off following your journey a little. My prayers are with you all. Blessings Britta

Nicole Watson said...

We are glad also Kendra.

Nicole Watson said...

Thank you Jenni today was tough at times, good at others. x

Nicole Watson said...

Hi Britta, Lovely to meet you. Thank you for takng the time to follow our journey and praying with us. x Nicole

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