Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day Three-Post Fontan

Last night we had a relatively trouble free night, until the early morning.  One of Sam's pleural drain collection bulbs became dislodged and there was concern that air may have entered his body through the tubes.  Thankfully the tubes have a one way valve that worked effectively and after a chest x-ray, he was cleared of all concern.

Because of a very early chest x-ray at 4am it was a very long morning of physio.  It is especially bad for him first thing in the morning and is really painful. As the day progressed, he was able to to walk very slowly, trailing with drains and wires without continually crying out in pain.  We all know that he needs to do the physio to get better but trying to explain to Sam that he needs to move through the pain, is very difficult.  Today after his longest walk while he was perspiring with pain and his legs were shaking, he begged me to carry him, and I had to tell him that I couldn't but I would help him walk. Tough times for a Mum's heart. Don has been here with me all day today as well as Jack was visiting with family. The walking needs to increase each day while the pain medications decrease, so please pray that he will be spared the sharp stabbing pains from the drains.

Sam's appetite returned somewhat today and cheese sticks, baked beans and part of a chicken sandwich were his choices.  This all means he will have more energy to recover and heal.

There are some tremendously tough cases with us right now in the close observation room and the level of anxiety in some of the patients is very high, which affects us all. Rest can also be elusive. He has had a super nurse today which has made all of this much more bearable. We are praying that we will soon be in a regular ward room so we can sleep beside Sam and he will get more rest.

We have had some visitors, though Sam has not been very responsive to them we have appreciated them so much.  In the next few days we look forward to seeing more of our little boy's spunky personality return.

This afternoon, Sam gave me the best reward I could have ever wanted for Easter...

His happy little smile.

Happy Easter friends.  I can tell you that being here this Easter brings great clarity to what Jesus has done for us all. It's simple really, where He is there is life and He paid the price so we could have it. Here in hospital where we see so many little lives hanging in the balance, the message has never been more clear... more beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

Love the tiny smile!

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