Sunday, March 10, 2013

An Unexpected Gift

Today brought much excitement and joy in our home.  Our church family at Reach Christian Church, Longreach blessed us beyond what we could ever ask for or imagine. 

Firstly Sam was given a wonderful gift of a truck and trailer from one of the men at our church.  To say was excited would be an understatement.  He has decided that the truck will be Jack's too and they will share.  Thank you so much for bringing a smile to Sam, you know who you are.

We were also given a gift as a family of an iPad mini! Wow, wow, double wow.  It is something I never dreamed would happen.  For a while now, we had been wanting to get one, but with us being on one wage for the longest time, luxuries like this were well and truly out of our reach.  It will be such a blessing to us, especially while Sam is in hospital.  When we opened the gift together I could not breathe, I was just so blown away, that these people that we have come to know over the last six months would do such a thing of love.  And we are so humbled that God knew the desires of our heart and would provide such a thing for us.

In addition to this the church has also given us a portion of money to help us in the time when we are going to be away.  This made me cry happy tears.  This will mean that we can pay rent for another week, so Don and Jack can come down when Sam has his surgery.  With Don being at his new place of employment for only six months means that he has not had the opportunity to accrue much leave and we were concerned that we were not going to be able to pay rent and bills.  This gift will help us in this regard and shows us that God has not forgotten about all of the practical parts of Sam's surgery and all that goes with it. For the last few weeks these things had been weighing heavy on my heart, being the budgeter in our family.  And so I have been praying and waiting, waiting and praying.  In the last few weeks we have also been given other gifts in this regard, all helping to make things easier. 

And because I am honest I will also add this...

It also made me cry humble tears because in the last few months with the kids being sick and me being so focused on Sam's upcoming surgery, making Longreach our home and making sure our family is on track, I feel like I have not had time to make good friends here in Longreach.  Everything has been so busy and in a way I have also closed myself off trying to sort out my own heart and head.  So to be thought of in this way, and given such a gift brought first a sense of shame in my own behaviour and then thankfulness for other people's love. Thank you Reach Christian Church, we love you.

In addition to this we have seen Sam bounce back from his illness this week with such vigour.  After our trip back to Barcaldine this week for the dentist, all should be done in readiness for us to be on our way.

And now, one week before we are due to fly out, I have a renewed sense of God behind us in love and marching before us in victory.

If God is for us, then who can ever stop us.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's wonderful Nicole. :) Great to see a church reaching out as the hands and feet of Jesus in practical ways. God loves you--he's got your back. :)
All the best, Lucy

Nicole Watson said...

Yes, Lucy it is beyond words. Just full of love. x

Anonymous said...

Nicole. We as a church family are truely blessed to have yourself an don an the boys apart of our church family. Use have brought laughter an smiles to many harts an faces with out knowing it is being done. Sam has touched so many harts since being in our family an none more so then mine. As a bloke they say kids need an adult to look up. In my its the other way round. Sam has changed my hart by being who he is regardless to whats going on in his life. Sam bring smiles laughter an most of all love to everyone he comes across. An for that sam has changed me to be more like him. So I say to yourself an don thank so much for being part of our family an most of all having a wonderfull little who can touch so many harts. Thank you

Nicole Watson said...

Awwe, make me cry why don't you. Thank you for taking the time to be Sam's friend and ours too. we are so glad that God placed people like you on our path so we can learn and grow together. You have made an impact on our lives too. xo

Narelle said...

The kindness of your church restores my hope in God's people!
I'm thankful they blessed you so much.

All the best with the surgery and recovery.


Nicole Watson said...

I know what you mean Narelle. For a small group of people they have incredibly big hearts.

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