Friday, March 22, 2013

Day Five

This morning we had hope in our hearts that today was the day that Sam's blood would regulate and that his INR would be in range, bringing to an end the barrage of blood tests that he has endured in the past week. 

Knowing that he only had to have a finger prick he walked by himself to the procedure room (where he always has his blood tests done) and waited to get the test done.  As he strode down the hallway we passed through a large group of doctors doing their morning rounds and as we passed through the throng he pronounced resolutely,

'No more blood tests for me today, Uh uh uh.  I'm having a finger prick and that's all', shaking his head.

Meanwhile I pray under my breath that all will be well.

After the relatively painless test (in comparsion) the INR cam back at 2.2 and Sam literally danced and cheered all of the way back down the hallway through the throng of doctors proclaiming loudly and with great joy,

'My INR is 2.2.  I'm going home!,' as if to say shove that in your pipe and smoke it fellas.

Which elicited a round of laughter and shock at a 4 year old knowing what an INR even is. 

After removing his final cannula (which caused some distress) and being discharged we departed the hospital and drove to the Sunshine Coast, where we will spend the next few days resting and relaxing.

On the way, we received a call from the Cardiology fellow making sure that Sam was entirely sound and clear of any neurological problems in relation to the stroke he had when he was one.

Shortly after we received a call from Dr Alex Gooi, Sam's cardiologist to tell us that Sam's case had been reviewed along with his catheter results and that Sam's heart was at optimal state for him to have the Fontan surgery, which means he is a candidate.  Next week has been mentioned several times and now we are just waiting for a date.  Sam will stop his warfarin 2-3 days before so we should know when surgery will be early next week at the latest. This time Sam will not be heparanised before surgery will will mean much less distress in regard to blood tests pre-surgery.  We are just so thankful for that.

Don and Jack will drive down this weekend from Longreach so please keep them in your prayers and Mum Watson too as she travels home.  We have been so humbled to see God provide money through loving hearts to help us meet the costs we have for all that this journey entails.  I just stand in amazement at His goodness to us. And it brings tears to my eyes when I read your messages and comments thank you for all of your love.

Catheter down, Fontan Surgery to go. 

Time to forget about hospitals for a few days.


Anonymous said...

great news Nicole, our prayers are ongoing for you all. rest and relax now and build your strength for next week. God is in your corner and responding to your faith, Bless you all.

Cheryl gray, xxoo

Anonymous said...

Love the balloons!

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