Friday, March 15, 2013

A Tip For Teeth

Today Sam had his first cavity filled at the dentist.  It was a painless and fun procedure for him, not requiring a needle.  The dentist expressed surprise at Sam only having one cavity because his teeth are quite weak.  This is due in part to his heart condition and the medication he is on.  So we are thankful that his teeth are so far holding up well.  He was very brave at the dentist and loved riding the chair up and down and even got his own take home dental mirror.

The dentist gave us a tube of tooth mousse for Sam to try, so I wanted to tell you about it, for those whose kids may also have teeth issues.  The tooth mousse is rubbed on the teeth once a day with your finger and is milk protein based.  Applied at night it works best to repair damage to tooth enamel, strengthening teeth where there are signs of wear and abrasion.  I have included the link here.  We were also given the same things in chewing gum form.  I am looking forward to using it with Sam, as I want to do what I can to protect his teeth. he doesn't need any further concerns, he has enough to deal with.

In other news Gran Watson arrived today, it is just so wonderful to have her here.  To know that she will be here looking after and loving my family means the world to me.  And in the meantime, Sam and I are packing to leave on Sunday, and making the most of our family time.

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